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So the iPad will get a bigger 12" version iPad Pro as well as a Nano version 5.6" iPad Nano. But what difference does that make if an iPad can do Phone calls as well? If anything, Apple may make Facetime Audio the default option. But I wonder why will other people call to Facetime Audio Devices? Again Zero Bezel will still make a 5" iPhone Possible for one hand use.
Telsa's Batteries are nothing special. And have little connection and common with Apple's usage. Which are based on completely different characteristics.   The meeting happened last year. And as someone has pointed out, this may have more to do with Solar Panel, which Elon is the president of Solar City. Apple is currently using it in huge volume for its Datacentre.
Apple, actually pay their Tax. And What about the company that do no evil?
With Tim Cook's record, it is very likely we wont see large 5" screen with iPhone 6 either. Since he said it would make sense only when the technology is ready. Clearly he thinks we are not there yet.   As with all my previous post, 5" screen would equals to the width of the Original iPhone. To market that as a possible one hand devices with 5" screen means that there should be zero bezel.   Even though Apple surprised us or literally anybody in the industry including...
The problem with All the Mac's pricing now are Intel. Which is commanding the largest BOM cost. And getting a Haswell Refresh next year definitely isn't worth it. And AMD isn't giving Intel any pressure at all. To lower ASP without affecting margin, Apple will need to find something to Replace Intel CPU.
Still very expensive for Cable. I wish either Apple submit their Lightning Connector as part of the USB Type C design and gain licenses as well as control aspect over it.
Well it isn't even about cost, color accuracy, wider gamuts, wider view range etc. In every one of these category there is / are already better alternative out there. The problem is energy usage.
It seems every other site has published this as fact rather then rumors. Let see how it goes.
The idea is that iPhone 5C will eventually replace all the cheap model. Why bring the 4? Apple has always maintained somewhat unofficial life expectancy of an iPhone devices to be 3 years. And the 4 isn't any cheaper to produce then the 5C.   The BOM Cost of iPhone 5C will drop over the years. 32nm, or 28nm will be the cheapest Node in the coming years according to Industry expert. With Gorilla Glass price dropping as well. The iPhone 5C will likely be the lowest BOM...
Well Apple are still selling more iPhone per year. It's just the market grow a lot faster with cheap Android Phone replacing every Feature phone on earth.   This year we already have trends seeing more new users and old users jumping back to iPhone camp. And not to mention the deals with China Mobile. And with many still waiting for a bigger iPhone to go back to Apple, Apple should have no problem reaching the 200M iPhone unit per year. 
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