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Will this have something to do with Cash Buy Back Stocks? Apple could now Buy Back stocks and not to wipe it off market, instead it is stored as reserve for employee grant?
What puzzles me is the use of Bluetooth 4.0 rather then 4.2
I have yet to see ANY of my app size reduced. So i would love if someone continue to post some news on this.
Agree, Apple stock is stupidly cheap. The only bloody reason why Apple hasn't been a take over target is because they are too big. If I have 1 Trillion now i will buy Apple without a 2nd thought. But Wall street will properly say Apple is worth 2 Trillion and push the prices up.   Back to the upgrade program Question, as some have said, Apple has literally try every moves they have, stock buy back, dividends, etc and stock prices isn't moving in flavor.  I guess the...
 Exactly what i wanted to know too.  I dont understand what you mean
I wish someone make an Youtube App that follow Apple HIG.
I used to post, if anyone remember, That Apple is behind on Datacenter development, they were late to react, late to built, and conservative on capacity.   With the recent sudden planned increase in capacity from EU Datacenter, and the same development in China. ( It doesn't get covered in news due to all sort of reason ), I was at one time beginning to think they finally get it and they have everything in place for future iCloud development.   But with Reno planned...
 I posted some rough figure earlier, but this year Apple will likely ship more 14/16 node transistor then Intel on their 14nm node. So this is huge volume.
Didn't bother to read all the comment here but a few things   There is no 10nm Fab that would fit the volume for Apple. None. Not even Intel if they are working with Apple.   The next A10 is VERY likely to be TSMC 16nm exclusive. And since TSMC has issued a statement about decline in revenue in coming quarters it is highly likely the A9 is mostly being fabbed on Samsung 14nm.   Despite A10 still being on 16nm, the 16nm next year from TSMC will allow InFo, which is 3D...
 And all of the article fail to explain this. How difficult? It varies from being impossible to trying a dozen times. Apple does not provide any check sum for the final downloaded files. And it either disconnected during the download or the final downloaded version being corrupted. * I am having difficulties understanding why Apple manage to set up CDN for their App Store in China but not for their developer site. Or is it their sloppiness on the services end AGAIN. *...
New Posts  All Forums: