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 That is a lot. Do Apple actually pay that much? Compared to other tech company which only pays a single digit.
You are put off with an extra s typo? Battery capacity will be the talking point once the Samsung release their rumoured 6mm thin Galaxy Alpha.
This is worrying, there are phones out there which is as slim as the iPhone 6 ( if it is 7mm ) and offers even larger battery capacity. I know it depends on software etc... But purely on technical spec, this doesn't sounds good.
No need for proof. Samsung aren't making 20nm node. They skip it and went right to 16/14nm. I dont think 16/14nm Apple SoC next year is a done deal yet. The problem Samsung is ahead of TSMC this round, and Apple doesn't want to risk it IF TSMC could not get 16nm+ in time. Apple could be designing for both and see how things goes.
 Like what? It isn't the first time Intel, or heck Any one going to new nodes without problems. Most of the time, Intel manages to fix them before or during production of first batch. But this is for the first time Intel is doing 3 Nodes variation at once! Getting smaller node is hard, do 3 variation makes things even harder.Not to mention they are now trying to work things out custom manufacturing with other Fabless companies. I am not arguing 14nm nodes doesn't have...
It may very well be both 4 Core and around 2Ghz.   Just want to point out when we say more then 4 core we get diminishing return on desktop, this is actually 8 thread. Compared to ARM SoC which doesn't have SMT, 4 Core 4 Thread may actually make sense.   There are few more things Apple could improve to get higher IPC. And Peak frequency speed dont matter any more when it all depends on power and heat dissipation.   On the iPhone its peak may only be 1.5Ghz. Where the...
While Digitimes are often wrong about anything Apple related,  The highlighted part pretty much says it all.
Just to point out, The total cars sold in 2013 is around 65M.
1. I dont get how part of the story about Samsung getting orders for A8 as well. Because they simply isn't. Unless Apple decide to make 20nm A8 and 28nm A8 as well. Samsung's 20nm isn't ready, ( that was three months ago ) and they have been concentrating on 14nm.   2. Intel 14nm isn't coming in 2015. It is the end of this year or have product shipping for Holiday season.  If you include the ULP series then Intel is at most delaying 14nm by a quarter or two. Not a year...
I think next year @ TSMC 16nm will be the time to switch over to their own CPU.   By doing so Apple could cut their price by at least $150 without affecting profit margin. And actually earn a lot more in the higher end since CPU / GPU cost could remain the same.   With the help of Windows 8, iPad and iPhone Apps Ecosystem, as well as serious gaming on consoles and casual gaming on iOS devices, there is less and less reason to stick with x86.   
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