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But why? Would be great, So then Apple could hide those iPad numbers from the Wall Street guess work. LTE 6 is pretty much guaranteed.  Apple has 3 options.Qualcomm 20nm 9x35 modem, the most likely choice since it supports CDMA.Intel 7260, should be much cheaper then Qualcomm but does not offer CDMA.Or their in house 4G baseband Integrated into A8.  
If it is an iPad Nano, then it would have the same problem, 1 resolution in 3 difference screen size? 5.5 would be about 450PPI. Although I wouldn't mind an iPad Nano with VoLTE capability.
If Apple ever consider making the switch, I am sure this will be very help to them   Translate x86 Machine Code Into LLVM Bitcode http://blog.trailofbits.com/2014/08/07/mcsema-is-officially-open-source/
Well that was a problem when the first iPhone came out with only GPRS network. Now 4G LTE is even faster then my god damn ADSL Home network. (Sigh). In the next 2 - 3 years the world will move to LTE-A, micro-cell, VoLTE, and hopefully pCell. The mobile network has never been better. Of course this is mainly a Asia and EU perspective where LTE deployment are ahead of US. But it is not like US mobile network aren't improving. And we are very likely to see the first LTE...
 Arh, I actually meant the A9. Yes 14nm from Samsung and 16nm+ from TSMC are all facing problems. I can see why the rumours now suggesting A9 will be going to TSMC too, where it was previously suggesting Samsung. May be Samsung over promised on 14nm. And the sudden move of "trying" 16nm+ by TSMC looks like a reaction to it. I think Apple are waiting for the final minutes to decide which one to choose for A9 SoC.  
 Or you mean the A9, which has been rumoured to go back to Samsung's 14nm.
It wouldn't make sense for Apple. But it would definitely be better for consumers. At least it will guarantee good enough supply for the first crazy week. Especially for China where iPhone demand are likely to outstrip supply for months following the launch. 
Why is Apple still keeping the Non Retina Macbook Pro? If people are complaining about entry iMac, this MBP is an even worst deal.
Hoping next year Retina MBA will move to at least 6GB Memory. ( 8GB will be great, but given the cost concern may be Apple wont do it. )
I think the delay of Intel Broadwell is making its impact now. And the previous leaks with Intel delaying to early 2015 instead of at the end of 2014.
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