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I wonder if OLED colour accuracy will catches on someday. Which is what WOLED should solve / improve. But the recent LCD LED display has made huge improvement as well.   And Oh my reflective index. I am going to guess Apple's iPhone 7 will have another major advance in display tech. Likely a Sapphire coating* that has lower then 1% reflective index, even better colouring and lower power.    That will also means Apple will up the 4.7 to FullHD and 5.5" to its native...
It is important to note Mixpanel only track a selection of site. And none within China. However given EU + US represent nearly 50% of  iPhone users, even an average of 6% adoption rate is huge!*   *Note there are roughly 400M active iPhone users, that is 24M iOS9 users in 24 hours.
Thx for the numbers, I thought those were est 2015 numbers? Anyway yes Apple is already the biggest Fabless Semi Company.  Side note it was only in recent 2 - 3 years Intel have smaller batch, customized version of die for different SKU. Even so Intel only produce 8 - 12 different variations, the different SKU on the market are all the same with different bins. Previously Intel produce only one die and bin them across their whole product range.  Its about profits. The...
I dont understand why the dislike on Siri's team, Siri is properly the best of the Apple Internet Services. Modern too.   For those who dont know, latest Siri has been rebuilt on Mesos, (http://mesos.apache.org/) , with their own scheduler called Jarvis ( Named after the IronMan AI ). It was announced on Mesosphere this year and it was very big news for the industry, one because first time Apple opened up what they are using in their Web Stack, second being a...
 This is true many years ago and for many company still stand. You cant, simultaneously design your AMD ZEN CPU, Radeon or Nvidia GPU or FPGA, or other Baseband over two very different Node Tech. But we are talking about Apple. And we are talking about iPhone. For people who dont realize the Gigantic number of iOS devices sold using the latest Fab tech. Apple with iPhone 6 and iPad are reaching ( likely to be more ) 150M devices this year. And 6S + iPad Pro will likely...
Apple had always had production limitation at launch due to manufacturing / technology scaling difficulties. The 6 and 6 Plus was properly first without one, And 6S's taptic engine has already been tested and scaled well with the introduction of Apple Watch and Macbook.
On China, Middle class are growing, and they have used to paying comparatively larger percentage of their salary for Smartphones. Which is slightly different to US or many other Western countries, i.e different valuation of things.   Once Apple worked out how to do finance across the globe, they will have a Phone as Services around the world, especially in places where Carrier dont offer much subsidies. ( Again China )
No, I know you are reffering to 4G as bring 1Gbps, that is LTE-A . The 5G here is more like the original 4.5G ( not that is such thing)
6mm seems good, I am not sure I want it any thinner though since it will be a little awkward i presume, and I dont want the camera stocking out.  I definitely want it lighter though.   Apple Watch do needs to get A LOT thinner.
well, iTunes as a software still sucks. I hope they fix that too.
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