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It doesn't matter. Nvidia will still make a Chipset, just abit differently. They simply make a GPU with IO and connect it with PCI-Express 8x. It will be basically the same as a Chipset, except it will have its own Memory Controller. Think of it as GPU + IO rather then IO Chipset + Graphics. The major problem is, Intel refuse to make an Low End Dual Core Nahalem CPU without IGFX.
Anyone has info on how games will run on Fusion 3.0?
I think this is for upgrade rather then new users. For those school that just switched to a Mac. Buying a one year update will be useless since some Apple products dont update yearly. Since iLife is included in every Mac. It is iWork that matters. I hope iWork 10 will see some major improvement............
I am just wondering where did you read that A9 uses 1.9W ?
Arh..... i want faster Mac, not Slimmer Mac. Slimmer will properly mean it is slower.
How is this fair to those who spend $129 on Leopard... Unless someone can give me a figure that less then 5% of Intel based Mac are using Tiger.........
I really hope Apple could continue with the growth. Which would properly require price cut in 6 months time and a new version in a years time. The next iPhone is going to be important because Nokia is catching up rapidly. And it is perhaps the biggest competitor Apple has to encounter in terms of innovation, cash and power.
Well, it is like 10% of market Share, but 20 - 30% in Home PC Market, and 60 - 70% of 999+ Computer Systems. And apple properly manage to make more money in 10% market compare to others. Canada was a good place to invest since how simiar it is to US. The next place to expand will be UK and germany, and may be Japan ( if they manage to solve the culture problem ). Then i ran out of place where they could break a 10% market share。 China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea,...
In a Global perpective, Nextflix is not worth it. And i dont beleive Apple will only offer a services to US only. LCD TV is an non profitable business. Therfore AppleTV will stay as it is, a STB.
Not a Single Chance.The problem is, Google is already the VERY best at web searching, the amount of information it has to process are truly staggering. Not only do Apple has ZERO expertise in searching, OSX is not even build for this type of Operation either, fine tuning OSX would require 2 - 3 years even with X number of Genius.
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