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Astonishing that no one has bring this up yet. It will properly uses the new Intel Z68 Chipset, which has a features called SSD Caching. It will be totally different from Robson and offer Today's Best Mainstream SSD Performance at a much smaller cost. That is the words that Intel used to describe its SSD Caching. If anything Apple's SSD Bootup will properly be this with their OS specifically tuned.
The Table for Mobile Standard appears to be incorrect, or somewhat confusing at best. TD- LTE listed under China should be on the same level as LTE in 3GPP. And as a matter of fact TD-LTE is not a China Specific technology. It is also part of 3GPP LTE standard. All LTE are all IP based, so IP based Network is not specific to LTE Advanced. Instead of WiMAX 4G it should be properly named as WiMAX 2. Or IEEE 802.16m.
Samsung would need to built new plant in order to fulfill Apple's demand. And when South Korea Econ are growing stronger while USD are now worth like crap, building a Plant in US actually make much more sense then 3 - 5 years ago. Not to mention most of the High Tech Fab Equipment Manufacture are located in US anyway.
Foxconn already have some of these in place. But by Foxconn' size ( Whom literally assemble EVERY single PC sold today ), Apple's line of Mac were small to separate from others. Until iPhone came along.That is Why Foxconn are building new sites now specially dedicated to Apple. And as you may have already read, Foxconn's subsidiary CyberMart are now getting First Class Citizen treatment from Apple in selling Apple 's Product in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong Market.
It is not as simple as bringing your design to an Chip Plant and expect it to work. Even though they are the same node. i.e you can expect a design work with the same on Samsung 32nm node and GF node. P.S - Yes i know they are co developed with IBM and GF, but it is not just that simple. Retuning and Respin will take at least 3 - 4 weeks, ( and that is just best case scenario ) then it will take another month to get it up to speed and full production. I think the...
No One has yet to connect the dots. Although i have been saying and speculating since early 2010. Apple wants a Phone to work everywhere. While CDMA is old tech, it is still very important for coverage even after Network Operator make changes to LTE. And CDMA is still very popular in Korea and Japan ( and small part of China ) with potential or another tens of millions iPhone users. So unlike Floppy which Apple could simply ditch. Your phone would be useless without...
I think this is merely the first step. Sharp produce some of the best LCD panel ( although they are expensive ) and have a roadmap that will lead LCD to complete with OLED. However i always wonder how these partnership works. So Sharp listed out all the thing it cost to build a plant. Apple goes out to find if these are reasonable. Apple Paid most of it. And do Sharp sell them at manufacturing cost? And sell the rest at much market cost? Why Apple goes as far as to paid...
Misleading Summary again
OT: An English Question Apple Partner IMG, should implies Apple is Partnering with IMG to acquire this company. Apple's Partner IMG would implies One of Apple's Partner ; IMG has acquired this company. Just wondering since i am not native.
Isolated Case? I have no problem with Nv GPU and Apple's Gfx Effect.
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