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They should have accounted the total cost of CPU + Chipset. Which are all going to Intel. Combined together the Cost would be closer to 30% Vs 5% of iPad. Assuming A8 will be 20nm, which is very likely. A Quad Core 64Bit ARM running at 2Ghz will nailed bottom half of the Notebook Market.   
There are many implementation and spec of H.264 and the difference in quality are HUGE. The simplest implementation of H.264 could look even worst then the old xvid codec.   And if you compare vp9 against the best of H.264, x264 encoder. Most would agree x264 is still better in quality, and less prone to encoding error.    So, thx for the BS from Google. So much about doing no evil.
Do you think there are any chance for Apple to release a Mac Pro without the Pro Spec?   A Mac Pro shape with Core i7 Haswell and Geforce GFX instead of Xeon and Fire Pro.
Really want a Mac Pro without the Pro Spec, just i7 Haswell with desktop Graphics.
 Arh....... No wonder why. I have always thought the two look extremely similar.  Then Why AI decide to use a photo that has absolutely no relation to the article?
Sometimes the more I think about it. It does make sense. Apple doesn't want to rely everything on September. Now they have iPad, Mac Pro, Macbook ( Aligning with Intel Roadmap ) and iPhone. The problem is consumers only have so much to spend every year. Most of Apple's competitors tried ( or not ) to release a Phone with similar time frame and ALL failed. All the Air, gossip and topic were totally sucked out by Apple's Vacuum. Unless you decide to push very very hard in...
I wonder why it is so late. Some of these aren't even going to be shipped until late Jan with some part of the world starting only shipping in Feb. Which means mass availability of this is in March or later.   There will be Haswell-E with DDR 4, and Doubling the speed of SSD by using PCI-E 3.0 instead of the current PCI-E 2.0. Along with Next Gen Fire Pro GFX within 6 months of March.   I wonder what is the issues with the delay. Since you are essentially buying...
Well, but you cant deny that there is a HUGE market waiting for a bigger screen iPhone. Because While the Note 3 may not be selling that well. Most other Android Phone still have 4.3 - 5" Screen Size. Apple would need to take away the Bezel in order to create a Phone that has larger screen while still works with one hand.
I am really hoping this is Apple opening up their Lightning Design for USB 3.1 Type C Port.
I am just going to play with Numbers a bit.   Apple needed a Bigger iPad for Certain type of Activities. Cashier , Display is one of them, designer, medical uses etc.   12.9 " Res at doubling of iPad Air, 4096 x 3072 = 396 PPI   Another Rumored iPhone Devices at less then 5"   4.95" Res at 1.5x of the iPhone 5 , 1704 x 960 = 396 PPI   I am going to guess and play by the rumors, the bigger iPad Pro wont be a Huge hit ( comparatively to iPad Air and Mini ). But...
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