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It is interesting that both Intel XMM7260 and iPhone 6 both pass China Mobile certification on the same day.
Well, how about an explanation to why not support Bluetooth 4.1?
Apple are getting 15-25bps ( 0.15-0.25% ) from those banks.
33K ? China Mobile must have been really disappointed with that.
1. What happen if someone steals my phone? ( Yeah I know the question is similar to stealing my keys ). 2. There is a centralize control *somewhere*, which means if that get hacked..... um...... And I have to change battery every 6 months?   I like the idea, but i dont think the tech are quite there yet. Although I dont mind using it for doors in my room :P
1. Samsung decide to skip volume production of 20nm and went straight to 14nm ( What TSMC called 16nm ). 2. Initial projection of Samsung 14nm was supposed to be better then TSMC 16nm, hence TSMC has a new node in dev called 16nm+. 3. Apple may have decided on Samsung's 14nm last year, given the much favorable pricing rumored Samsung are giving them.   4. However Samsung 14nm has yield and performance issues and is likely not meet Apple's target and requirement in...
That is funny because US is the Last place on earth that is still using card swipes. And there are countries already have time table to end card swipes, and many are *waiting* for US to get their EMV and end card swipes once and for all. As much as i love the idea of coin, magnetic stripe has no place in our future. 
I seriously hope this is not true. Ever since its initial announcement at the end of 2012 ( Yes, 2012! ) MDM9x25 never got any traction on the market. And it has only shipped in Standalone or USB Modem.   Why? Because it is power hungry, and to use LTE-A you are required to have two Front End to work with it. Which is not going to happen in a Smartphone. Or unless Qualcomm decide to tweak and fine tune its MDM9x25.   The current Gen MDM9x35 is already shipping and...
LOLThen by your argument Apple should make a plastic 4 and 4S and stop selling those metallic 4/4S? Because they are HUGLY expensive to make? Oh, and they happen to sit below your cheap plastic 5C pricing as well. And, those BOM are BS? How do you know this? Kindly pick out those BOM slides and tell me where those BS are?
 For Apple, the cost different of making a Plastic iPhone and Metal iPhone is tiny when they already have those running. I.e They could have made the Mid Range iPhone with Metal, and the BOM would be less then 3% difference.  Making Metallic body means a lot more engineering on the Antenna front.  And the biggest problem is making it scale. You cant create them fast enough, and the machinery that are required are being locked up by Apple years in advance. Hence that is why...
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