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Wow, Anyone using it knows if that means You can using it like UK OysterCard? Because it says without entering in a PIN number ( Touch ID required ? )or signature. Because Using any Credit Card Contract Less Payment, Visa Paywave, or MasterCard Master Pass, means you have to "wait" 2 - 3 seconds before it is paid. Other Top up card payment, like OysterCard works within 1 second. Anyone knows?
Something to do with Cisco New Video Codec? ( I hope so )   Cisco branded Enterprise Quality AirPort Express? ( Dreaming )   Honestly I am no expert in Networking Equipment. I know Cisco make some of the best ISP Grade Routers. But the world is moving towards SDN ( Software Defined Network ), in SME Market they are being hammered by many of the new comer in WiFi Segment.   Much like IBM, Cisco is like a dying business, but unlike IBM has Watson, which I think is...
Google comes out with another crap PR again? Or may be just their On2 / Video Codec department.   H.264, picking the right Encoder, and setting and parameters, will have won majority of the comparison against VP9. Most of the time, VP9 doesn't even match H.264. As a matter of fact, picking default with x264 ( Open Sources H.264 encoder, and considered one of the best ) you would still have won.   VP10 is actually pretty great, depending on scenario it does perform...
My concern would be, is it safe? Something as energy intensive in my pocket worries me a lot.
I "think" LG's WOLED solves this issues. You will have decreasing brightness over the (long) years, but not colour inaccuracy or blurring effect within the lifespan of the screen. So consider OLED's main problem will be price. You will need economy of scale to drive down the production cost. And I think LG already has landed largest OLED order coming in 2016.
I am guessing, ( or hoping ) the reason for Intel's delay is due to software / compiler support. My guess is that to take advantage of every performance Skylake has to offer you must recompile you App.
The PS4 is running on not very powerful CPU core and generation ( or two generation ) old GPU tech with 28nm. Which is 2 Generation from leading node now. Transistor count are roughly similar in the 3 Billion range.
OLED is much cheaper to produce. Especially with LG's WOLED. Hopefully this means LG has improved the white colour power issues, production yield on smaller size screen. And may be for the first time ever OLED will win IPS on every categories.
1. Intel has a division called Intel Custom Foundry, which produce chips for selected 3rd Party aka Altera and some other company not disclosed. It is not listed in the latest quarterly report so this may have been closed down now.   You can hardly called Itanium make chips for others when Intel actually own the design as well and Fab it for themselves. Yes HP was involved but not to the point where it was similar to 3rd party.  Apple used to use Infineon ( Which Intel...
 Exactly my thought as well. May be the A8 will be redone with Samsung 14nm tech. To fit those in iPhone 6C, Apple TV or iPad Mini. Having said that, sometime i think the cost of SoC is pretty marginal in the whole picture. Compared to Screen, cover glass, Baseband, Wifi / Bluetooth, NAND and Memory.
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