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Am i the only one who thinks 1 Billion USD is a bit expensive for a server farm, and for a company that is no where remotely related to Internet Applications. ( Unless Someone tells me iTunes is half as large as Amazon ) I suppose apple will be using Xserve themself..... Apple must be building up the next big thing.. ( I hope )
Like i Posted in other thread / forum. The rumors were complete BS. Semi Accurate used some old news with his "secret" insider to generate completely false report. Nvidia has important role in defining OpenGL and OpenCL. Their upcoming ION2 will be even more powerful then todays 9600M discrete Graphics.
From the Rumors Mills, and Intel investment, it seems Arrandale's graphics wont be based on previous Intel GFX. It will be based on PowerVR SGX..
Lets Clear up a few confusion.That is like comparing Apple to Orange. If core number means anything, Even Mid Range ATI has 320 "core". Not to mention GTX280 and 8800GT are Desktop Class. Apple mainly use Notebook Graphics.In Long term; 3 - 4 years, Yes. In Short term, it merely means those Larrabee instruction will be avaible inside the CPU. Some of them will make appearance inside Sandy Bridge. Which is at least a year away. I guess the liscense problem isn't as large...
My problem is, the new iPhone OS 3.0 already make my iphone much faster. So how much of performance different will we see with S?
Well, i am certain all G200 and G92 based Nvidia Product support OpenCL. So may be the page isn't updated yet.The Reason why GTS 250M got my attention was its Performance / Watt. Which nearly double the currently Best Mobile Offering on the Market. The GT240M will give 50% !!!! more performance then the current 9600M GT used in MBP at the same power usage!!!!And GTS 250M will give MORE THEN 150% INCREASE in PEROMANCE of current 9600M GT. Using only 20% more power.I cant...
I am wondering, How long will my battery last if i keep it constantly plug in the wall?
@ 28W, Which is only 4 - 5W higher then current 9600M. Gives 3x the Shader amount, Faster core clock, and faster memory. I wouldn't say it is 3 times faster, but it will definitely be a lot faster. I cant wait till MBP get one of these.
That depends on Intel if they will make an Dual Core Nehalem CPU without Graphics Core. Otherwise everything is pretty much set. Since Nvidia has yet been able to gain the licsense for selling Intel Nehalem based chipset products. I think Apple may want to go for LP DDR3 as well. Since DDR4 is still 3 - 4 years away and DDR3 has matured enough already. Then there is I/O 3.0 ( That is PCI -Express 3.0 , USB 3.0 , Bluetooth 3.0, SATA 3.0, 3rd Gen DisplayPort, )
Well, i dont understand why people are bitching about the minor hardware upgrade. Mac has never been upgradeable. So is iPhone. Those with original and 3G iPhone will continue to use it while enjoying an Software / OS upgrade. Which is Extremely rare in Mobile Tech front. ( Most Windows Mobile phone's OS can not be upgraded ). Moto, SE, LG, Samsung only provide rare bug fix firmware. Only a few Nokia Phones get updated with new features / UI and function. However most...
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