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I would also want a slightly larger then iPhone size rather then 10 inch. However 720 x 480 is not HD. So i dont think iPhone HD 's name is good.
Is it possible to get a thinner Mini without the Optical Drive?
Guys, Please Claim Down. Mini DisplayPort is a draft VESA Standard. It is properly like Draft N in Router. But Apple decided to JumpStart. May be apple finally decide Mini DVI is simply not good enough. The main problem is will other industry player follow suit to include Mini Display Port
OK, After reading more reply. i understand. But the question still remain, why not a Macbook Pro? And as much as you all hate to admit..... Firewire is pretty much dead. I think apple now have to admit they lost the battle. It is now only used in Professional or Higher priced Products. And most new Mac user ( coming from PC ) wont miss Firewire Port at all.
Sorry i am totally lost........ Someone please explain to me. The Macbook no longer has Firewire, and only Macbook Pro have Firewire, Firewire has always been more expensive and more professional look to it. So if you want professional port for professional job you want a professional macbook. The Macbook Pro. So what is the big deal? You can afford to buy Professional Expensive Camcorder, and not afford to buy a Macbook Pro? It is not Apple completely drop Firewire...
I think this is not too bad...compare to Dell 2408, a S-PVA Panel, which cost $619. The ACD with Aluminium Body, H-IPS Panel, Glass and LED Black Light, cost $899. I think it is pretty reasonable. Oh, i forgot to mention it is much better looking
I cant wait for DisplayPort 2.0 so they can get rid of the USB Cabling as well.
Honestly, i think Apple should go to DisplayPort 2.0 once the spec has been established. It is smaller and thinner then Mini DVI, while offering much higher bandwidth for larger display.
Well the sole main purpose of Nvidia Chipset would be CUDA aka OpenCL. ( I expect OpenCL to adopt quite alot from CUDA ) Which suit Apple really well since the current G92b are very CUDA based. That is why ATI has the edge for gaming right now. I hope Nvidia 's PureVideo HD will be better this time around and apple provide some support for it. If everything goes well. It could be the best Nvidia product this year, if Tegra doesn't sudden pop out in 08.
Exactly. Give me new javascipt engine SquirrelFish Extreme, 10x more stable webkit, before anything like UI changes.
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