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I think this is merely the first step. Sharp produce some of the best LCD panel ( although they are expensive ) and have a roadmap that will lead LCD to complete with OLED. However i always wonder how these partnership works. So Sharp listed out all the thing it cost to build a plant. Apple goes out to find if these are reasonable. Apple Paid most of it. And do Sharp sell them at manufacturing cost? And sell the rest at much market cost? Why Apple goes as far as to paid...
Misleading Summary again
OT: An English Question Apple Partner IMG, should implies Apple is Partnering with IMG to acquire this company. Apple's Partner IMG would implies One of Apple's Partner ; IMG has acquired this company. Just wondering since i am not native.
Isolated Case? I have no problem with Nv GPU and Apple's Gfx Effect.
What Tunnel? Underground Tunnel going between New and Old Campus? Or do tunnel means different thing in this context?
I am sorry but where is the real meat in this story or... news? It basically just retold the story of Apple Software history.
Why is this Secondary Campus much bigger then Original? Or are they moving away from infinite Loop? I like the name infinite Loop. I would rather they expand on it . Notes: I dont know the place so it might be impossible....
1. Lots of Info on Republicans or what so ever. I am sorry i dont live in US so i dont have a clue what you are talking about. But the facts remains, If you were a business leader, would you produce your products somewhere else if it is 2 times cheaper even with added transportation cost? While you love of your country and would still love to get it produced in US, what are the chance you wont be voted out by me ( Shareholders ) if your profit margin is substantially...
Where is Hell is 4.2? My itunes still say OS 4.1 only.
90% of you here dont even know the state of china. But just some fact, that payment plus free food, drinks, health care and housing. And last time i checked, it was closer to 2000 then 1000 RMB. Dont like it? They could move to other parts of china. There is millions of people in china willing to work for Foxcon for these payments. P.S - While i would love to have them paid better, the reality is they are paid quite fairly. ( Considering their benefits. ) People from...
New Posts  All Forums: