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@ 28W, Which is only 4 - 5W higher then current 9600M. Gives 3x the Shader amount, Faster core clock, and faster memory. I wouldn't say it is 3 times faster, but it will definitely be a lot faster. I cant wait till MBP get one of these.
That depends on Intel if they will make an Dual Core Nehalem CPU without Graphics Core. Otherwise everything is pretty much set. Since Nvidia has yet been able to gain the licsense for selling Intel Nehalem based chipset products. I think Apple may want to go for LP DDR3 as well. Since DDR4 is still 3 - 4 years away and DDR3 has matured enough already. Then there is I/O 3.0 ( That is PCI -Express 3.0 , USB 3.0 , Bluetooth 3.0, SATA 3.0, 3rd Gen DisplayPort, )
Well, i dont understand why people are bitching about the minor hardware upgrade. Mac has never been upgradeable. So is iPhone. Those with original and 3G iPhone will continue to use it while enjoying an Software / OS upgrade. Which is Extremely rare in Mobile Tech front. ( Most Windows Mobile phone's OS can not be upgraded ). Moto, SE, LG, Samsung only provide rare bug fix firmware. Only a few Nokia Phones get updated with new features / UI and function. However most...
I really hope the issues with Apple unable to support SDXC brings the media and world to attention. I do not know why and how an common platform storage like SD Card can choose a Proprietary File System the exFAT.
Many people properly know much more then i Do. but a few point. ZFS really is an FileSystem for Server Space. Since Apple is an Consumer company, how do their BEST selling products benefits from it, Macbook, and iPod / iPhone ? ZFS - is not energy efficient. the amount of CPU cycles and memory required simply doesn't suit the current Consumer Mac. ZFS is good, very good for servers, but how much revenue does apple earn from Servers? TimeMachine and Snapshots, there are...
I believe we still have more juice to squeeze out in the software department. But i think that is going to take another 2 years or so of refining. Because finally they are not trying to find the best method, the safest method, most convenient method etc... but the most power efficient method to code their OS and apps... and i think that will take a bit more time. iPhone OS is first step in that direction.
Actually, am i dont the only one who are not in the " Who cares " and " i dont like it " camp. This is much better. I hate Getting SD card out of card reader. Now it is much easier.
Um...... I pretty sure AI got this wrong, Since the Old iPhone 3G supports OpenGL ES 2.0 anyway.
Finally we get the confimation that it is at least SDHC... I Cant wait till more SDXC card and reader to come through though.
Will ever see Apple doing something like the Current M$ offering, Backup of your SMS, Phonebook inside MobileMe account. If they do then i am more then willing to sign up.
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