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Exactly. From my limited experience with iWork, Pages is 10 times easier to layout and make good documents. While Word is ultra annoying. Numbers are easy to use as well, but it is slow, and lacking many Maths functions.Do i even need to mention Keynotes Vs Powerpoint......
May be Apple will do Magic again, but personally i dont see why anyone would be interested in an 10inch Tablet.... It doesn't fit my pocket, nor does it replace my Macbook Air. It is positioned in the middle of no where??
I was thinking on the model and pricing from Microsoft, if anyone have any insight or info to shared would be good. Office for Mac are marked up MUCH higher then their PC counterpart. But Office on PC can get away with large volume. Where Mac is much smaller volume. As i am not aware of any Multi Liscense Discount, or any other major disocunt on Office for Mac. Then every copy sold for Mac would be worth 10 - 20 times more then averge selling price of Office for Mac....
Nice to see they even have tweaks for reinstall. Although i have only done it twice in the few years of being a Mac user. Compare to a Zillion times i did for M$ XP and Vista. How long does the installation takes?
The image weight 6.4GB......... where did all the trim and slimming went to?
Because people using Apple products are generally less tech savy...
Blu-Ray - Not a chance. It is not a $20 Dollar item. It would properly be an upgrade option. But wont be standard with the current cost. SD Card - Will definitely be there. Properly Support SDXC speed as well. Still wondering how SD Card choose M$ exFAT which Apple couldn't use. But Hardware wise an SDXC capable Card reader is not a far shot. And i dont see how packaging and shipping cost could make the substantial saving, DVD cost $0.1 while similar capacity SD card cost...
I want something with between 4 to 5 inch screen, and as thin as the current iPod Touch,
iPhone: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw iPhone 3G: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw iPhone 3GS: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw
Any links for manual update? My company blocks from itunes update.
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