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We dont need a huge cube. Just the size of Double Stacked Mini. With the extra space avaible Apple could make some cost saving with componet selection.
Do we finally have it? To record our phone conversation. Other normal, non smart, or some i would classify them as stupid phone have this feature built in...... I will even pay for this apps if it is available.
I can understand PNS is much better. But how are apple going to finance it for free? Imagine billions or trillions of Alert needs to be served each month. I know it wont be expensive and Apple could certainly afford it with its huge pile of cash. But it will still be expenses.....
Syncing Notes and Email. No longer do i have to dowload those email again over the STUPIDLY SLOW Wifi and 3G connection
While PNS is so good. How is Apple going to handle the cost of it? Surely Apple will not be giving this away for free? Handling billions if not trillions of alert every month is quite a large burden.
MMS support? And finally some more Firmware fix for Connection and Reception problems.
Wasn't there a firmwire fix previously that fixes this problem?
USB3 has fixed many efficiency problem that plagued USB 2. Although there are still areas Firewire wins, the economy of scale and ubiquity makes it a big plus. The Maximum speed showed by Intel, using PRE Production Testing Hardware and Early BETA software showing transfer speed of somewhere between 340 - 380 MBps. I think that is not bad, although i was expecting 400MBps+. Intel said they could see 400MBps+ in the final version of USB 3. The only, and final problem is...
The point is, you are paying $149 more for 500GB. One year ago when they first introduce it it makes some sense. 1TB were expensive at the time. But now.....
The problem with SSD is getting more speed out of it without crapping more capacity. ( i.e Higher Material cost ) Hopefully Next Generation Intel SLC SSD will do 16 channel that should give around 400MB/s
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