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Why wont they make a proper, decent, simple, version? No WiFi or Wireless Connection Tech. ( A lot of Cost Saving ) No keyboard. Much Higher Resolution and something like 64 Grey Level.
Is this like a fantasy discussion or real world situation discussions? I mean NO ONE has even mention how financially is Adobe worth buying. 10 Billion to buy Adobe is TO expensive. Flash and Photoshop doesn't worth that much. Compare HTML / CSS to Flash is like apple to orange. It should be SVG instead. Apart from Flash and Photoshop, i dont see anything inside Adobe that is worth buying. Apple are not interested in maintaining more and more Windows Apps....
To answer most of the questions people have with China MarketIt is not about the percentage of wealthy people in China. It is about the mentality. There may be Huge number of rich people in US, but how many of them are willing to spend money on phones. You will be surprised a lot of people spend a whole month or even 2 months of their salary just to get their Mobile Phone.Contrary to Mobile Phones, They buy computer on a value basis. That is why Dell succeed in China while...
1. Since Intel manufacture the whole CPU package, there is Zero chance for ATI or Nvidia's chip ( die ) to be included inside Intel CPU.2. Since Nehalem and Westmere actually have NorthBridge intergated. Therefore there are also PCI-Express included inside CPU. So to directly answer your question. No, It will be a PCI Express directly from the CPU.
Because your machine only support 4GB? Honestly, in Apple 's world. Customer aren't suppose to know the tech wiz bit, if 4Gb is what they say they will support, 4GB it is then. Inreality it is not only OS problem. You need BIOS as well as proper OS settings. X86 32Bit supporting more then 4GB of memory will require PAE ( Physical Address Extension ).
Having IMC on CPU doesn't really matter much for IGP since they are less sensitive to latency. And bandwidth doesn't matter since either way the IGP had never had enough bandwidth anyway. And too many others to quote. But i think everyone is mis understanding DMI 2.0 and QuickPath. Every Nehalem or Westmere based processors will have QuickPath Inside them. The different is, for Dual Core Processors, the QuickPath will be used to connect the IGP inside the same pacakage....
I think apple would sign ( or has already signed ) an argeement with Intel to allow Apple produce Intel Compatible chipset. Then Apple would just buy Nvidia's Chip and renamed them to Apple's Chip.
Again, i have doubt on the hardware side of Info. But this time since i do not have concrete information i will not say Appleinsider is wrong. Personally i do not believe Corei7 will be in next iMac update. 1. TDP too high, iMac are based mostly on Notebook parts, and Nehalem Notebook are not coming till Q4 09 or Q1 10. 2. If they are solve the TDP problem with the rumors of Water Cooling solution. Corei7 is too expensive and it is a High End product rather then...
So true, while i am a Intel supporter, I hope Nvidia really win this one out. Intel have been giving some crappy chipset and Graphics to us for MANY years..... Consumers have been suffering because of this. If EU really care about Anti Competitive please have Intel on its list and help Nvidia get their Decent chipset to us.
I hope most Apple website dont get viewed by PC tech savy users. Because it is becoming very obvious that most Apple website have little or NO technical knowledge. Flash as RAM ? And this is not the first time either.
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