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I totally do not understand. How is Akamai put into context? What is the need for all these extra servers?
I think they should allow one to one trainning to people who brought their Mac elsewhere for higher Price. In fact the one to one trainning should cost $149, ( or $129 ) with people who brought their Mac in Apple store get $50 discount.
Any examples??
With 30 Billion Cash, many world known expertise joining Apple. I think apple is in a very good position to make technology, finally... easy to use.
A few things to clear up. Clarksfield has HyperTreading, which means it can do 8 thread compare to a Quad Core Core 2, which can only do 4. Under Certain Apps, such as DB, VideoEncoding, it can make HUGE improvement. ( Much more then 10- 15% as ealier post suggest ) Although most of the time we wont see much different. ( Although that greatly depends on how Grand Central Works out ) Clarksfield has Intergrated Northbridge. ( Memory Controller and PCI-Express ). Comparing...
you are not alone. I too prefer Pixel Perfect Resolution Icons and interface rather then Scaler Graphics.
That is a good thing. It force developers to update the program otherwise have it pulled. It also forces user to upgrade. No more zillion different versions of iPhoneOS to support.
This is where Dual Core 64Bit Atom Mac comes in. News from Taiwan is that Atom's Sales are decline while Intel deny. They are both true since Netbooks sales are finally slowing down. And all the Atoms Chips are going to Apple. May be we will finally see a 11" Macbook Air and Mac Nano.
I am pretty sad by the fact that Next Gen Intel wont have SATA 3.0. Which is an important update for SSD. If Apple were to include SSD in their Mac Product Lineup then it would properly use either next next Intel or a New Nvidia Chipset ( If they sort out their license ). Which should feature 3G IO ( PCI - Express 3.0 , USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0 )
Exactly, overheating. Apple needs to seriously consider making some very efficient cooling for their iMac.
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