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Yeah i forgot i about that. 4x Series are nearly legacy free. So I suppose apart from the use of PowerVR i dont think there are any reason to make a chipset for themself.
Your post doesn't make much sense to me. So you are saying via making chipset for Apple?No, because via do not hold a liscense to do so.
Like Many said. If Apple were to make a special chipset then it would properly be a single chipset. There would be no Floppy port, no parallel port, no IDE Port, no Serial Port, or PCI lane. Simply just PCI- Express , SATA, USB, Firewire, FSB. It would be legacy free, but it wouldn't save much cost. Since the die area used by those are pretty small. It would use less pin, i guess they could have less PCI Express lane then industry standard. So they save cost with less...
Oh my god, i am so late to this news, and yet no one in the discussion has mention it yet! I have mention in another post about the possibility of apple building its own chipset as well. I am so happy for a rumor to surface on similar ideas. If it was really Graphics inside Intel chipset that makes apple unhappy then this should be it. Everyone seems to think about the P.A Semi buy out. But no P.A Semi is not the expert in Video Processing field, Apple is using other...
I think no one reply because we are not allowed to talk about it by forum rules.
I dont agree Celeron M has 3x performance of Atom. That is simply not true. Atom is about the same as Celeron M, only it has much lower power usage. But i agree with the Cortex A9. It has properly 10x the performance / watt then Atom. And that is with chip manufactures at one generation behind Atom, and less software optimization then x86. I have always thought PC are standing still. And Mobile devices are exploding. And as open source spend more time on optimizing...
PA Semi? A Special Version of ARM Cortex A9 QuadCore instead of Intel X86?Highly unlikely
I think MacMini will get an update with all Centrino 2 component. And possibly starting price at 499 USD. Since Apple dont make much money from MacMini, wouldn't it be one factor that contribute to lower margin. Or MacAir without an Optical drive. Making it Super Slim like thin Client. i always think the concept of Air like Mac would be great use in Educational and other sectors where small devices are needed for simple task. Library Computers as example.
Office 2K8 speed improvement. They really need to increase its speed by AT LEAST 100%. It does't feel Native. Messenger for Mac Any Video Call yet?
I suppose if we kept printer drivers so that when we install new printer it doesn't require an internet connection or the CD. I understand the maths for 1Mb = 1 Printer Drivers. And different Manufactures have differnet features. But we could still save huge amount if we refactor them. How Many printer manfacture are there? HP, Brother, Epson, Cannon, Xerox... these properly cover 80% of the driver base already. Consider most generation and series are roughly the same....
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