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Isn't that basically passing money to Network Operators? How is this fair? Even though i want Multi Task. I want it to resume automatically, not running in the background leaching bandwidth all the time. If having Saferi Opened in the background means it is constantly running Web Ads, then i think i have to fire an email to Steve Jobs for complaint.
I mean do they constantly download Advert in the background ... etc? I can understand bandwidth being taken from Push notification. But these are in Kb size and it would take 1000s for them to be relevant. I cant understand where my bandwidth is gone. On my old iPhone 3G i used only 120 - 200MB. Now on iPhone 4 i am up to 350MB within 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!
In most cases, the different between 720P and 1080P are unnoticeable. Unless you have a 46 inch + TV monitor. ( Although the trend is that most are buying bigger TV sets anyway.... so 720P isn't very forward looking ) But the problem with Apple TV and 1080P is streaming. You cant not stream a 1080P through Internet. You can barely do that in Korea or Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore where there are 1 Gbps Internet FTTH. And that is only a small portion of the total net...
The Cost of it relates to whether it can be mass produced. And Apple may be the only one in the world where they can put up price of their products while still getting demand exceeding their supply. Since Aluminum is getting more expensive day by day, Zr-alloy may be able to outweight its investment in the future. I think the reason why Apple didn't buy it would be because Apple has no interest in dealing with NASA and may be Department of Defense.
What is happening to AI? I definitely dont consider SJ to be richest people on the planet.
It is more expensive then Eneloop. I think the Apple one will be the new Eneloop with 1500 charge circle. I dont know if the Amazon 's one are the new, if they are then apple is charging $8- 10 for their Low Power Charger.
I am confused. But infineon chips has been dropped in the latest iphone 4. So Why does AI report it is being used in every iPhone.
An iPad with Retina Display, assuming you hold it the same distance as iPhone, 330 PPI is required. Which is 2.5 times the pixel density of current iPad. Which means 2560 x 1920 resolution. Technically this is not impossible. There are PPI of up to ~400 in DC and world record of 2200 PPI. However getting this with IPS, Touchscreen mode, and mass availability is a completely different story. And i dont understand where is the High System Power requirement for...
Can we cut the crap about politics and culture difference and focus on what we should be here for, Tech and Apple. Most of you wont know enough about US or China anyway. They are two VERY different culture and countries with different state of economy. There are few things to point out, 1. In Marketing Terms "4G" is actually 3.9G in technical terms. 4G ( LTE Advanced is still few years away ) 2. TD-LTE is a 3.9G tech as well. 3. Those who have been to Shanghai for...
Why the heck are these Daemons for features switched off: • BTServer: 684KB (I have bluetooth off) • accessory: 550KB (I never use accessories) • lockdownd: 1.56MB (Monitoring activation status – I have an unlocked • ptpd: 1.29MB (Tethering, I have tethering off) Also look at these 2 daemons: • aosnotifyd: 2.6MB (Mobile.me sync – so much for 1 open socket?) • dataaccessd: 3.74MB (Exchange calendar sync – oh my God!) Running even if i have the bloody...
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