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Do you even have any idea what you are talking about.As you said, SSD is what Desktop needs. You seems to have misunderstand what SDXC, SSD and NAND is all about.
Which prove why SSD wont overtake HDD in another 5 years, even if it is cheap enough there are simply not enough Fabs capacity to do so.
1. SDXC requires exFAT. Which is an Microsoft proprietary format. exFAT also lacks many features that current HFS+ has and required by Snow Leopard.2. SDXC wont have the high I/O / Random RW performance that current SSD has.
While i think it is reasonable to open one in Hong Kong, their Price for Store Lease is outrageous. As a matter of fact, this is similar in China as well.
The one billion properly includes the increase shares of Imagination Technologies ( Owner of PowerVR )and Purchase of PASemi. Because 1B is A LOT. You could buy a third of ARM. ARM and IMG are IP based company. So you hear about the new and greatest development well in advance. These IP needs another year or two before they even get into their licensee hands for design let alone manufacturing.
If Nvidia is an Target then they should Buy ARM first. Which is only 3 - 4B. But even ARM is far too expensive at P/E 55...... with only 150M of Cash. Again, Apple should buy more prperties for their Apple Store instead of renting it. Just Choose the top 100, high Profile store. I would love to know more about Universial Display. It looks good, but i thought Kodak owns the major patents regarding to OLED. How does UD compare?
Well it is too late now, but next time, or next chances, Apple should buy those high Profile Apple Store instead of renting it. That should put 3 - 4 Billion into good use and investment. Drobo is good too, but i dont think it take much work for Apple to create an Equivalent one.
Argee, not only iTunes client, but everything from Server, Client, Network Distribution, needs a lot of re-engineering. Using iTunes to navigate everything inside the Store ( App, Music, Podcast .. ) is slow, any current web-based Store response faster. And since it is not web based and does not bound to Web based development restrictions, everyone expect it to be much faster. Itunes Software in itself is slow. Unless tunes means something else, why does it have Apps...
Nice, Sounds like some 007 .....
I am hoping 10.7 will bring true 64bit, revamped and more cleaned API, more slimming ( we can get rid of ALL 10.4 dependency now. )
New Posts  All Forums: