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Simple truth. Like most others have pointed out. If government really do care about NON IE, they should start designing their website to be Firefox , Saferi Compatible.
Like others have said. It simple means OSX will now be used on more then just computers. iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac, AppleTV, HomeSever ( What ever that will be called ) And many other future product that will use OSX.
Apple TV, Possibly 9400M technically, is perfectly capable of playing 1080P Video. With some optimization and proper software support. Mini, i have previously thought yes, but someone pointed out the simple reason why not. Atom is not 64bit. Which i think rules Atom out of the Mini equation.
What a funny Guy, He said What a way to start the day as if he does nothing wrong. Right, Mr Chen, Go and start a video podcast, and tell others to download Illegal copy of Windows, and how to crack WGA...... Honestly, Why Mr Chen is still working inside Wired is beyond me. I dont understand why he is not fired yet. C&D Only? If SJ wasn't on leave he would BE MAD and have wired on Court NOW!. However if he had post it with how to make it on a Retail Copy of Mac OSX...
Why would you think that is the case? DisplayPort 1.2 Will support that resolution. Good Question. Although i would like to ask the same thing. Why we all dont just use Micro USB Port or even Mini USB Port and Get Rid of the Big USB Port? Well, technically DisplayPort is much better then HDMI. Like Firewire and USB. Except this time around. Firewire ( DisplayPort ) is Free.
My guess would be the Controller End ( Proberly the Macbook Nvidia End ) does not supporting the Audio Spec Yet. ( I am not sure if the audio part is required in the specification. )A little bit like previous HDMI implementation in Video Card where Audio Passthrough are not always available.
1. Mini DisplayPort has always been on the roadmap for DisplayPort 2.0 ( Now they have changed the name to 1.2 )2. Apple went ahead and did all the techinical requirement for Mini DisplayPort, and submited it back. Instead of waiting for Displayport 1.2. Like What Intel did to USB 3.Mini DisplayPort is Pin to Pin Comptabible to DisplayPort. And since DisplayPort 1.2 is Pin to Pin the same as 1.1, Min Displayport Should get all the features update as well. 1.2 has an...
I have always thought Autodesk hate Apple and Mac??
There are another company doing 600Mbps as well with 4 transmitter.
The new USB 3.0 protocol is good. The only thing we need is good controller chip.
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