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Oh, so normally Sync would backup my SMS already? The problem is would it be possible to restore this backup onto a different iphone?
I want to Backup all my Contacts and SMS messages. Then i could sell mine now, and get a new one once it is out. Any idea how to do it?
16:10 - the closest to Golden Ratio, 16:9, apart from being cost effective doesn't actually have any advantage. It properly also depends on SJ view on it. If he is a 16:10 guy then we may never see 16:9 on Mac.
So they are not avalible online yet?
Arh... thx, no wonder why 802.11g is god damn slow even when i right next to the router.But cant those be processed by the controller itself rather then a genric CPU?
@Mr Me. : I understand and agree with your point. A 2Ghz system doesn't mean 100% improvement over a 1Ghz. But Performance Matrix are just numbers and benchmarks, it is the user experience that counts.Just as the Anand's article point out, which i share most of his opinion, and i quoteThe SSD, although double the speed of of fastest consumer HDD and 10 - 20x faster in random write. Doesn't feel much faster when you first use it. And i quote againWe have gone past the era...
Arh...... Allow me to explain Samsung gets the best price for their own flash chip. That is like SJ gets the best price for ANY apple products. The point is SSD today have a relatively high profit margin. That is why EVERYONE are jumping on broad and making SSD. And no. A SSD controller is not just a PATA SATA controller chip. The controller is the brain of the SSD. It is what separate Intel's SSD from the rest. Intel 's SSD is currently the fastest on the market. The...
It definitely wont be in the next iPhone. It will be an older version of SGX, which will still be 1.5 - 2 times faster then current iPhone. MutiCore SGX will properly come with MutiCore ARM Cortex A9. So i 2010 in the earliest.
I wonder why Apple aren't making SSD themselves. May be they want to wait for the technology to mature a bit more? Since they are already the largest Flash buyer and gets favorable pricing from Flash manufacturers. Snapping Flash with a SSD Controller surely is simple enough to bring the performance of Mac to a new level.
We dont need a huge cube. Just the size of Double Stacked Mini. With the extra space avaible Apple could make some cost saving with componet selection.
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