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I hope we get improved Voice Call quality and better Saferi
I think they dont have much of a choice, Buy Opera and get a very good browser. Or use Webkit and start building around it. i dont think Desktop browsers matter much. Those who dont like it will use Firefox anyway. But their IE engine is so &*^ that just dont work on Mobile device.
Watching TV on Mac is always such a hassle..... It seems SJ himself thinks TV and Mac are not the same and never should be the same. Just Recently i discovered Windows 7 has built in H.264 Decoder and TV Viewer.
I guess we will get a normal Spec update on Mac, but not a design update. Therefore there wont be a special event for it. Properly just update to using Geforce 9400M instead.
I think the increase of Mac Market Share in US and Advert of PC and Mac has finally woken up the sleeping Giant - Microsoft. No one would doubt their power and ability. Since they have all the talents and experience. And Windows 7 seems like some huge improvement. Compare to previous version of Windows, where Microsoft just copy bits and pieces from Mac OSX, this time Microsoft decide to copy A LOT OF THINGs from OSX. From Task Bar, Jump List and layout. Previously,...
LOL, every time i hear law suit in amercia i just cant stop laughing......
I suddenly thought what about Mac Mini, with Dual Core Atom, and Geforce 9400M? May be with an even lower part, like Geforce 9300M, making the most affordable Mac ever? Since Dual Core Atom has 4 threads, GrandCentral in Snow Leopard could be a good fit. And even at 499 or even 399, Apple still make heavy margin.
Ribbon is a good idea in concept, but i dont think it is that good in reality. It is not bad, but not exceptionally good either. And i am sure it doesn't fit Paint at all..
I would also want a slightly larger then iPhone size rather then 10 inch. However 720 x 480 is not HD. So i dont think iPhone HD 's name is good.
Is it possible to get a thinner Mini without the Optical Drive?
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