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I am getting the idea that WebKit2 doesn't necessary means separating each Tab into its own Process ( Google Chrome ). It allows you ( browser vendor ) a choice to do that, or simply split into separate process for HTML, CSS, DOM, Rendering and JavaScript.
Well they are working on LightPeak as we speak. Which will have its first lunch in late 2010. Even before Intel put out an USB 3.0 Chipset. What we need now is an controller which could fit and soft layer translate USB 3.0 and DisplayPort Protocol into Lightpeak.
Please Call it AdKit instead of iAds........
Quad Core IvyBridge / SandyBridge with FMA 28nm Mobile Fermi Next Gen Intel / Sandforce SSD 15" OLED 1080P Screen AutoFocus HD Webcam Fanless Design BluRay LightPeak x 4 8GB DDR4 Ram Bluetooth 4.0 Super Long Battery Life
Samsung Fab wont be ready until Q3 at the earliest. With more then 30% of Market Share and many room to grow. Apple could Game the NAND market. I am no expert in this area. But i am certain it can be done.
How could this happen? NO ONE, mention the Main Key point. FLASH != Video. FFS, just saying Video acceleration doesn't mean anythnig. Most of the time you will have Flash based advert running in the background draining your CPU resources without you even noticing. If they put out an article like that, why not name is as Software Decoder for H.264 is slower then HW decoder?
The much larger Digital Download includes Music Download which greatly inflate the total revenue of Movie Download. While US is the largest economy in the world, it has one of the worst High Speed Broadband penetration / bandwidth in first world. When you compare to place like Japan / Korea or Even Hong Kong. Stream or Digital Download has never taken up. In terms of Quality, Stream and Download will properly never ( or in the near future ) catch up to Blu Ray. While US...
We may not see mass adoption of 3-bit MLC in 2010 or even 2011. It has major problem with relaibity and no one are willing to buy if your Flash fail you after a few times of usage.
Dont worry, that poster shows he has little or no understanding of SDXC, or SD, NAND, Flash and SSD or even Technology in general. My guess he is not trolling, it is just he lacks the understanding of how things work. Well, if the Slowest and Cheapest NAND price is rising, then so will the faster and more expensive NAND. In general, iPad will eat up much or all of the current available NAND capacity, which will drive NAND up until Samsung finish building their new...
I thought Plug-in Crash Protection was an features of Saferi 4? Why is it suddenly a 4.05 feature?
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