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My guess would be the Controller End ( Proberly the Macbook Nvidia End ) does not supporting the Audio Spec Yet. ( I am not sure if the audio part is required in the specification. )A little bit like previous HDMI implementation in Video Card where Audio Passthrough are not always available.
1. Mini DisplayPort has always been on the roadmap for DisplayPort 2.0 ( Now they have changed the name to 1.2 )2. Apple went ahead and did all the techinical requirement for Mini DisplayPort, and submited it back. Instead of waiting for Displayport 1.2. Like What Intel did to USB 3.Mini DisplayPort is Pin to Pin Comptabible to DisplayPort. And since DisplayPort 1.2 is Pin to Pin the same as 1.1, Min Displayport Should get all the features update as well. 1.2 has an...
I have always thought Autodesk hate Apple and Mac??
There are another company doing 600Mbps as well with 4 transmitter.
The new USB 3.0 protocol is good. The only thing we need is good controller chip.
The fact is, HDD has a rather slow improvement curve compare to SSD. And there are A LOT more speed we could squeeze out of SSD. But currently, the only the top SSD are worth the investment. Lower End SSD are even slower then HDD. ( Although they will be out phased very soon ) There are still a lot of different areas for improvement. Such as software, protocol stack, controller chip. I hope by 2010 SSD will be mainstream.
No, it didn't get rid of registry. And no to all those technical problems. 64 Bit and 32 Bit isn't much of a problem. People who buy new Computer from Dell or HP will all come with 64Bit as Default for Windows 7. It isn't about what is technically good. Windows 7 has been running smooth, despite all the old problem described. And you can run all the old games and software. The major problem is, Are the current sales of Apple based on Apple 's Design of Mac. Or was it...
I suppose since SJ Hate noise, a Slient iMac makes sense. ( If that is even remotely possible at all )
Honestly, Windows 7 is good. Properly the Best Window that have ever been released. ( If beta is any indication and they dont mess it up in the end ) Installation was quick and surprisingly simple. Most hardware were detected straight after installation. Others ( 1 Devices ) were installed after Windows Update. A smooth experience compare to Vista. Installed Vista Codec Pack, The Perian on Windows. EVERY Video Files i had in my HDD plays perfectly inside WMP12 (...
Personally, i would like a slightly bigger screen, fast processor, more memory, better iPhone OS, and better reception and call quality iPhone.....
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