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Actually, am i dont the only one who are not in the " Who cares " and " i dont like it " camp. This is much better. I hate Getting SD card out of card reader. Now it is much easier.
Um...... I pretty sure AI got this wrong, Since the Old iPhone 3G supports OpenGL ES 2.0 anyway.
Finally we get the confimation that it is at least SDHC... I Cant wait till more SDXC card and reader to come through though.
Will ever see Apple doing something like the Current M$ offering, Backup of your SMS, Phonebook inside MobileMe account. If they do then i am more then willing to sign up.
That is why i always have problem understanding Apple's pricing system. $29 for all of those?? Its a STEAL!. It must be the calculation of owing an Apple Laptop that has already subsidized the cost of OS development.
Its a Dell....
Exactly my thought. I was surprise no body mention much of it. $300 + , you get a faster processors AND 128GB SSD.... i thought the higher price Macbook Air is a much better deal. In fact, if you compare to others it is a "steal"
Last time i heard the Chip inside iPod Touch and iPhone are actually Bluetooth 3.0. Firmware upgrade will unlock that features. However both the new iPhone and Macbook are still using the 2.1+ EDR.....
I totally do not understand. How is Akamai put into context? What is the need for all these extra servers?
I think they should allow one to one trainning to people who brought their Mac elsewhere for higher Price. In fact the one to one trainning should cost $149, ( or $129 ) with people who brought their Mac in Apple store get $50 discount.
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