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Considering the current industry standard, i thought apple were too generous to developer by giving them 70% of the revenue. When they have to maintain the server, bandwidth, credit card transaction etc. May be those cost are negligible. I dont see Apps being a mass hit for phone. Surely everyone will at least pay for one a two apps. But i think there will always be a good free alternative on the App Store. However games are different matter. I think Games will be big...
No, not all Intel Chipset have the Intel IGfx in it. And their implementation of Unified Shader is rather poor. So unless there are some miracle happen i dont see much power we can harness from it.
This begs the question of how Intel will react to it. Given the close relationship between Apple and Intel. Intel has Larabee coming up in 2009. Which will be x86 graphics with Advanced Vector Extensions. If intel want any sort of penetration in the Graphics Industry Apple has got to be the first customer on their wish list. Or would Apple play save and have Nvidia as their Graphics partner so they dont put all eggs in one basket. And ATI has always been a historical...
I can see apple EASILY reaching 10 - 20% without problems or roadblocks. Seeing how iphone is selling so bad right now and get to 5% stage. Bad in terms of WorldWide Market Share, literally zero penetration in business unit yet, the 3G iphone simple quad trible their Market share. But anything more would means a little more magic from SJ. Since Nokia and RIM doesn't look stupid, bloat and dull company at all.
Pants, China doesn't have 3G Network yet does that mean apple wont be releasing an iPhone for another few years in China?
I would rather apple test the release thoughtfully and add more bug fix to it then hurry the release.
Well then it is still too slow then. I hope SP2 will further improve on it. Although by the time SP2 comes out Apple properly have next iWork ready.
Can anyone confirm the speed up. Office 2008 has been ultra slow. I hope SP1 finally makes it feel more like a Native application
I cant understand why apple has Chinese Handwriting inside 2.0 firmware but they are not selling it to any chinese country. I think we will see Japan with 3G Model. Since Japan nearly solely operate on 3G network.... But then Russia.... Another HUGE market....
What about China, Hong Kong, Japan, Tawain and Korea?
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