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The image weight 6.4GB......... where did all the trim and slimming went to?
Because people using Apple products are generally less tech savy...
Blu-Ray - Not a chance. It is not a $20 Dollar item. It would properly be an upgrade option. But wont be standard with the current cost. SD Card - Will definitely be there. Properly Support SDXC speed as well. Still wondering how SD Card choose M$ exFAT which Apple couldn't use. But Hardware wise an SDXC capable Card reader is not a far shot. And i dont see how packaging and shipping cost could make the substantial saving, DVD cost $0.1 while similar capacity SD card cost...
I want something with between 4 to 5 inch screen, and as thin as the current iPod Touch,
iPhone: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw iPhone 3G: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw iPhone 3GS: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....0_Restore.ipsw
Any links for manual update? My company blocks from itunes update.
The problem is Snapdragon manage 1.3Ghz at 45nm, alothough drawing slightly more power, Snapdragon already includes 3G , WiFi and Bluetooth. Although not proved by benchmarks, Qualcomm claims their SnapDragon is clock to clock faster then other Cortex A8 implmentation.
Personally i dont think Apple will make an Special version of iPhone only for China. However they will likely make a cheaper version iPhone that Fits China Requirement and sell it Internationally.
It will definately be LTE, the question i always ask is, Name me ONE advantage WiMax has over LTE? As far as i am concern it has Zero.
I haven't touch iWork or Office for a long time, but last time i checked, iWork is faster, easier to use and just better i every way except iWork only has less then half features then Office. Hopefully Next Gen iWork could truly replaces Office.
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