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Wasn't there a firmwire fix previously that fixes this problem?
USB3 has fixed many efficiency problem that plagued USB 2. Although there are still areas Firewire wins, the economy of scale and ubiquity makes it a big plus. The Maximum speed showed by Intel, using PRE Production Testing Hardware and Early BETA software showing transfer speed of somewhere between 340 - 380 MBps. I think that is not bad, although i was expecting 400MBps+. Intel said they could see 400MBps+ in the final version of USB 3. The only, and final problem is...
The point is, you are paying $149 more for 500GB. One year ago when they first introduce it it makes some sense. 1TB were expensive at the time. But now.....
The problem with SSD is getting more speed out of it without crapping more capacity. ( i.e Higher Material cost ) Hopefully Next Generation Intel SLC SSD will do 16 channel that should give around 400MB/s
Considering the current HDD pricing. Just why do apple not upgrade it the HDD or lower the price?
That is good. So every company who wants their Website to be viewable on mobile will have to consider Saferi. ( Which is like the IE on mobile market ) This promotes Web Standard, and in the end helps Saferi on the desktop
I have always thought the next GT160M and GTX280M are going to be used in the next iMac.... Looks like ATI still have something to offer for Apple
Why wont they make a proper, decent, simple, version? No WiFi or Wireless Connection Tech. ( A lot of Cost Saving ) No keyboard. Much Higher Resolution and something like 64 Grey Level.
Is this like a fantasy discussion or real world situation discussions? I mean NO ONE has even mention how financially is Adobe worth buying. 10 Billion to buy Adobe is TO expensive. Flash and Photoshop doesn't worth that much. Compare HTML / CSS to Flash is like apple to orange. It should be SVG instead. Apart from Flash and Photoshop, i dont see anything inside Adobe that is worth buying. Apple are not interested in maintaining more and more Windows Apps....
To answer most of the questions people have with China MarketIt is not about the percentage of wealthy people in China. It is about the mentality. There may be Huge number of rich people in US, but how many of them are willing to spend money on phones. You will be surprised a lot of people spend a whole month or even 2 months of their salary just to get their Mobile Phone.Contrary to Mobile Phones, They buy computer on a value basis. That is why Dell succeed in China while...
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