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I couldn't work out just WHY would mapping application be so expensive. It would properly take Apple 320 Million and a few more years to get there. Why spend 3.2 Billion now? And I dont think HERE does great in China Mapping either.
As soon as Apple have time to tune its firmware, and Hardware, I guess same time next year we will have Apple's SSD in all of Mac Range, including iMac. Hopefully the Skylake update will also give enough PCI-E 3.0 lane to its SSD controller, therefore doubling the speed to 3.2GB/s. Along with hopefully some updated 802.11ac controller ( 2x2 160MHz 3.2Gbps ), and wifi antenna tuning, ( currently using some innovative way to lay around the speakers ).   The next update of...
It is a good thing Apple actually do promotion instead of just running around trying to find someone who might not be fit for Apple culture.
 This is BS. Although you cant switch Fab from one to another without redesigning. I suspect Apple have enough resources to have their team working on design with TSMC just for backup.
It is entirely possible Apple could engineer its own 32 cluster GPU using the same tech.
If Apple wanted iPhone 6S to have 2GB Memory without any increase in power consumption, they will need to use LPDDR4. And Samsung is having the best yield for LPDDR4 at the moment.
Objective C with GC didn't work out well. It was buggy, and never quite intend to do what it was suppose to do.   Most App tried using it abandoned it, and those who had luck with it should have moved on to ARC long long time ago.   So this is merely a notice to the very very small percentage of App Dev. Its time to move on.
 But Samsung is now a major shareholder of Sharp. And we have all heard Sharp wasn't too happy with Foxconn and working with Apple. I guess this 1.7B with Japan Display and 2.8B in Innolux were to secure enough panels for the future and a indication that the deal with Sharp hasn't worked out. Last week we also heard the news Apple Watch's display will be using LG OLED exclusively.
 Samsung 14nm is doing well, at least it is ahead of TSMC. Samsung skipped mass production of 20nm and concentrated on 14nm ( which is basically 20nm + FinFET ) Samsung's 14nm also performed better then TSMC 16nm, that is why TSMC came out with 16nm+, hoping to win back some market shares. However it is likely Apple will be using both TSMC and Samsung as foundry, as they are more iPhones then ever, unlike 20nm which has its time to matured quite a bit before mass producing...
Yes I forgot about their Atom Line Lol. And you can tell from history software/drivers for GPU matter much much more then the hardware. Intel never paid IMG for its driver support. Hence why earlier Atom GPU performance sucks.
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