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How do they get the Apple Store off the Grid? Do they even have a choice in the city centre location?   Or do they plan to generate the total Apple Retail electricity usage with solar panel and send them back to the grid?
Oh Come On people. If you are on the Apple camp, you should at least "try" to understand apple better.   Do you ever see Apple advertise their battery capacity? Do they ever tell you that on their keynote? No. Why?   Its because Battery Capacity Dont Matter! What matters is the experience. Or how long you can use it for. Which is what they do tell you, how many min of Internet Browsing, and Music Listening etc.   I could drain out your 10,000 mAh battery ( BTW mAh...
 Thx. And Exactly what i meant. Sorry if I it didn't come across well enough. Just imagine, Tim Cook admitting being gay would have roughly zero impact in US ( Heck, I would say it may have positive impact ), but took deep hit in China, India or other developing countries? After all we are talking about potential of hundreds of billions market there. Just want to say it again. Just leave him alone.
 Has the column, or American in general still think the world == America? In spite of civil rights from where?Most if not all FT 500 are multinational. Have luck trying to explain that to those country that civil rights hasn't advanced ( So to speak in American points of view ) And i continue to think whether CEO's sexual orientation, or the support of sexual orientation ( Brendan Eich ) are entirely their own business as long as they keep it to themselves. Please just...
Before cars were ever invented, if you ask the consumers what they wanted they will tell you they want a faster horse.
Because Apple, under SJ, doesn't want to use donation and charity as a way to PR and market its company. Unlike many many others which do. (That is not a necessarily a bad thing.)
Come on, 2M? Seriously ? It should be 200M
Not wanting to spark a flame war, but do Android phone have the same problem? Because this issues with iPhone 5 is well known. Or it happens iPhone 5 power management IC is easier to burn out.
 Yes I know. That is like ALL mockup aren't made by Apple either. That is why i said his track record for leaks, which has been 100% so far with iPad Mini, iPad Air and the 5. 
  Well Jimmy Lin has gotten one. Looks like a 5.5" to me. So far his track record is all Apple leaks are correct. So as much as i hate to admit it..........maybe 5.5" really is coming. Not to mention Sonny Dickson has similar photos as well.
New Posts  All Forums: