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 I was thinking of the same thing. Renew those deals and sell the lossless tracks as default. Then bring the Lower Quality 64Kbps AAC+ files as streaming option.
It is breaking news   Kuo doesn't say he thinks or what so ever. He seems confident.   Something went wrong?
 You are comparing Apple to Orange. Did any one ever said Snapdragon were ever state of the art? Surely it isn't to me. And i could foresee huge amount of headroom and potential for improvement in those. And there is nothing generalized in those baseband chips. Unless you count GSM and CDMA as uesless. Which i would doubt Apple dropping it. The technical improvement coming from the hardware baseband in house are minimal at best. The benefits ( both cost and power...
There is possible power saving. But definitely not tremendous. And i would bet Apple's design won be as good as Qualcomm as well. Qualcomm's baseband, transceiver, receiver, RF Filter are state of the art. The only possible technical improvement Apple could bring is by potentially ditching some flavor of technology that dont want to support, or potentially design for LTE only. But even those benefits will be small. The major potential here is cost reduction. Apart from the...
I think the most important thing that still hasn't been done is the Cloud part, iCloud Storage? iDrive ( aka buying Dropbox but failed ), and moving everything to the cloud. Apple must be waiting for something, but their DataCenter building speed isn't keeping up. ( Intentionality ? )   And the global cloud also means a few DC in Europe and Asia. Which they have none yet.
I hope this is indeed true. Apple needs to up its memory capacity to 2GB ( or Heck even 1.5GB ) for its 64bit SoC. Like Anand pointed out it is likely most application runs into memory bottleneck before CPU bottleneck. The problem is the only way to get Double the Capacity while using the same power is to move to LPDDR4, and LPDDR4 isn't even going to standardize until mid 2014. Which ( I thought ) is unlikely to make it into iPhone 6...... LPDDR4 also means double the...
Tidbit update. From the Intel IDF in China it seems Fanless MBA is all but confirmed.
Because Apple have enough Cash to throw and just buy BULKS loads of Solar Panel to power the DC for its long term future. Which is much better then like paying dividends or going more to Marketing. But Even then Apple still dont have enough DC for all its needs if it were going to complete in the Cloud. I just hope they will move a little faster.
May be that is what Tim Cook was referring to as new product Category. When our usage of iPhone isn't very much a phone at all. It is more like a Gaming / Internet / Muti Media Devices more then anything.
As shown in Anand's review of the HTC One M8 ( Brilliant Phone, dont understand why Android Camp would use Samsung over it ), 5" with a tiny bezel is already on the verge of being too large, especially its height. It will need to be a no bezel design allows Apple to do a 5".    As i have stated before, the likely thing ( with the current trends Apple are making ) will be a 1.5x increase in each direction, making pixel of 1704 x 960, which gives a 5" screen 391...
New Posts  All Forums: