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The Price cut was because Retailers will have to get one 5c for every two 5s they order. Hence why the 9 Million is more like a 70/30 split.  Like any iPhone release, the latest iPhone 5s is selling like hotcakes, but the steady stream of 5c buying isn't keeping up with the pace of rapid 5s sold. That means with excess stock of 5c they will have to cut price to lower their stock level.  And since the demand of latest iPhone will, as usually do last all the way till past...
I wonder if Marc Newson will Join / work with Apple in one way or another. 
Anyone know, If i could download back the Original Copy of the Photo? I can see this being the backup of all photos I have on iPhone.
 That is next to impossible. Samsung ~= South Korea. ( Not exaggerating ) Unless North Korea somehow invades them and they lose, otherwise it is unlikely you will ever see Samsung file for Bankruptcy.  When Apple wanted to move to TSMC 2 years ago TSMC simply wasn't ready.  Even if the terms and pricing were right TSMC doesn't have those spare 28nm capacity for Apple.  That is of coz unless TSMC break contracts with Qualcomm and Nvidia.A Fab quantity as larger as Apple...
Why is it that this insanity has been widely reported for years and yet no one has yet done anything about it?
Well its not hard to get double the growth when its penetration is so low. Example growing from 1% to 2% means 100% increase!
$50 Per devices is quite expensive. That is excluding all the overhead running cost and management etc. I was expecting to be below $30.
Multipath TCP Requires both the client and the server to work. That is why only a few Apple Services have this at the moment. I think Apple are testing their implementation quietly at scale.   And please provide prove that Android has had this for years. Because even Mainline Linux hasn't had this landed. And it will still takes years of work, trial and error, testing before this can be massively deployed.
I think i can now finally understand why the Android Camp hated us.    Please, take AI's technical analysis with a big gain of salt. Most of the issues with this "Editorial" are already addressed by many others. If you are interested in those, Anandtech is a good place to start with.   And please ignore most of these post on Software issues with 64bit codebase etc. Most of them are plain wrong.
Is it possible to view this on AppleTV?
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