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@HAMETA, it is unlikely Apple will buy a Battery Tech company. Since margin is low. Although Apple will likely partners with some companies and Fuel with cash.
There is this saying, It isn't how long you have been working for Apple. It is how many times you have worked at Apple.
I think Apple is just waiting for another law suit if a Multi Billion acquisition isn't consider materially significant
Beating them by a few percentage combined = wide margins?
Yes, because I think Apple customers happens to understand Apple to a varying different level. Then there is the Anti Samsung which helps a bit.   But honestly Apple market share is reaching to Single Digit in South Korea. There is going to be lots of work for Apple to do.
I would just like to point out iPhone lowest market shares happens to be ......... South Korea.
It is not that I hate Beats so much, or Beats makes crap headphones. Its just the price. I dont want Apple giving me dividends which they did. Do they have too much money now that they dont know how to use?
Assuming the latest rumors is correct that Apple will have a 4.7" and a larger 5.5" combination. Would you rather have these two size or just a single larger 4.9"/5"?   Since all three size doesn't makes much sense at all. But wondering what people may prefer.
2) Fair Enough. I guess in this comparison I say it is a draw. Because Apple isn't focused on EarPhones, and hence while they are pretty good in quality, there are much better ones out their at that price range. And its funny you make that comparison, because Apple in-ear phones is famous for its lack of bass. While everything beats does it full of ( uncontrolled ) bass. 1. Is not that Beats make crap. If there wont any comparison it would of coz be better then many other...
I guess we are in the same boat. Buying Beats for 3.2B is exactly like paying $320 for Beats Headphone.
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