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Because Apple have enough Cash to throw and just buy BULKS loads of Solar Panel to power the DC for its long term future. Which is much better then like paying dividends or going more to Marketing. But Even then Apple still dont have enough DC for all its needs if it were going to complete in the Cloud. I just hope they will move a little faster.
May be that is what Tim Cook was referring to as new product Category. When our usage of iPhone isn't very much a phone at all. It is more like a Gaming / Internet / Muti Media Devices more then anything.
As shown in Anand's review of the HTC One M8 ( Brilliant Phone, dont understand why Android Camp would use Samsung over it ), 5" with a tiny bezel is already on the verge of being too large, especially its height. It will need to be a no bezel design allows Apple to do a 5".    As i have stated before, the likely thing ( with the current trends Apple are making ) will be a 1.5x increase in each direction, making pixel of 1704 x 960, which gives a 5" screen 391...
Well isn't the trailer app still available in US only ?
And it isn't just Apple, it is the industry as a whole has long moved to fully automated production.That is why i said Elon's so called Giga battery plants doesn't makes sense. There are NO economy of scale here. We have literally reach it.
OK, lets get one thing straight.   Battery Production today are already or nearly fully automated.   So there is zero news.   Now if you like, you can continue to discuss about labour cost etc or what so ever.
 That, you basically want a iPad 12". And what you are describing is a Hybrid of Desktop and Tablet.For that? You can get a Windows 8 Tablet aka Surface. Broadwell will bring major Efficiency enhancement to its Iris GPU. Expecting a 50% increase in GPU resources while doubling the performance. I still dont think it will match the performance of its previous gen MBA given only the 50% of previous TDP. That is a very tall order. Unless of coz there is a what's described a...
 Sorry I stand corrected. and it seems the max difference isn't that much off either. Broadwell with 14nm should be able to come close to the performance of 4250U. I do hope they get CrystalWell in it as well to boost Gfx performance.
There no technical handles or issues to make a Fanless Laptop. Get it low enough Clock speed Broadwell is there already.   The problem is. It will be slow, definitely slower then previous gen Haswell if it were to go fanless. GPU will suck, Graphics performance suffer quite heavily. And finally, ALL ULP Intel chip are extra expensive. No way could Macbook Air continue to sell at this current price range, especially with the rumors Retina Display.   All in all, the...
 And Apple tried their best to save them. Or At least the artist. As far as we known there isn't a sustainable Music Subscription services yet. Asia aside ( since most artist there aren't really just artist, they are more of celeb with many other sources of revenue ).  Now if anyone, it would very likely Apple to be able to pull of a sustainable music subscription services.  However, being sustainable doesn't mean the artist gets a good deal either.
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