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Rand Paul at it again? I am not American and dont follow America politics much either. But he is the only sane American politician that i know. I also dont get why it should be a high rate of 10%? Sorry for being naive, but those money were foreign profits why should companies be taxed again when they move those money back? And if it was just a way to make more tax, shouldn't 5% be fair and enough?
Yes that Broadwell will be roughly 6 months later. And big update Skylake another 6 months after that. Which seems strange because essentially we get two jump within one year time frame. And is it likely that Retina iMac will be based on one of those, since Broadwell gets a new GPU generation upgrade ( Which may not be enough ) and Skylake will have more GPU SP as well as better CPU core.
Has Apple fasten its update/upgrade cycle. It seems speed bump is quicker then usual. ( Which is not necessary a bad thing ) So it now roughly 6 months every speed bump.
I never worked in Apple or a big companies in Fortune 500 before. So I dont understand why a marketing teams needs 1000 people?    If they were to create specific Ads for each region then you may need to hire extra people to understand their culture etc. But Apple's Ads are pretty much universal.  So I dont understand why the need for a 1000?   Heck even the original 600 seems too much for me. 
Which means business users will continue to use OneDrive all the want. While Consumer will properly just pay Apple to get all their Photos backed up in iCloud.
In one way i am glad Apple continue to support Mac which is now 6! years old. On the other hand I really wish Apple could push things forward. 
Google is definitely trying to buy into market. So i wont take the Price as Market Standard. Even Apple were to charge double the price of Google Drive people would still use it. And unless there is some clever engineering, Google Drive prices aren't even economically sustainable. So I for one is actually hoping 1TB would be more like 19.99 instead. Or it would be 500GB for $7.99 and 1Tb for $14.99.   And Please do remember instead of just some fancy free tier and cheap...
 Read the god damn Re/Code article.http://recode.net/2014/05/30/goodbye-to-all-that-today-is-katie-cottons-last-day-at-apple/
 False. The problem with China is Import and Sales Tax. That is why there were a rumor with Foxconn helping Apple to form a Subsid within China to works things out.
I must have different music taste to Iovine then. Beats headphones sounds like crap ( at its price range )   And Apple's earpod sounds great for something given out for free.   Do I expect B&W sound quality from Apple EarPod? Hell no, But out of all the one given out with a smartphone. Apple's one were clearly the best.
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