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Ship times improve to 3-4 weeks from 3 - 5 weeks. That is more like rewording things rather then improvement.
So how much cheaper is it? Why is the Cheaper price in the headline?
 Like I said, On a 16:9 AR.   If you do 21: 9, the next likely AR 4.7" is 10.97cm × 4.7cm5.5" is 12.84cm × 5.5cm Since there is an minimal and maximal width of a phone for comfortable use. Both are very unlikely.
It depends on what you call a Phablet. 5.5" definitely is. 5"? marginal, some would say it is the largest phone size. Some say 4.7" is the barrier for calling a phone. Again one have to consider bezel.  Without it i did say 5" is definitely a phone.   Going back to China, it is very likely China will get close to 60 - 80% Phablet penetration. As it could likely be the only computing devices they will ever own. Which is definitely not the same in Japan when computer...
A 16:9 ( Or iPhone 5 AR )   ;   4.7" Screen would have display size of 10.4cm × 5.86cm 5.5" Screen would have display size of 12.17cm × 6.86cm   So Something is not right with those design docs vs rumors.
Just days after me any wizard were discussing why the heck Mac Pro ship times are still in weeks.   And to me this isn't really an improvement in shipping time at all. They have merely shifted the top and low end of numbers of weeks a little. By all means you still have to wait a month before you get one.   P.S - By the way is that photo really from Apple Press, surely it cant be right?
No exaggeration. Foxconn have certainly done that in its best days. Not anymore though, where you could only get a few thousands now in a day. I have the same thoughts, but from what i saw in the Mac Pro Production video. It was more Labor Intensive then I thought it would be. But like you said it doesn't seems to be a unsolvable problem either. I once thought on that but I have an had time imagine Intel have problem ramping up a controller chip. The original ETA were...
 To me, Apple somehow knew there were going to be hike up. Otherwise they could have launch it when they announced it. I dont see it being parts issues since most of them are off the shelves and even custom parts should have no problem raping up production. Case making are just robotics and machinery. My guess It is more likely work force issues where it is now made in US. Compared to China Foxconn where you could have 10s of thousands workforce within days ( or more like...
I just dont see them overlying their Payment Network on top of Mastercard and Visa, or any other credit card company for that matter. They already changes a % depending on volume. I suspect it is lower then 2% given the Volume Apple process. And depending on country where it could be as low as 1.5 - 1%.   But it could also be a move Apple sending signal to Mastercard and Visa. Lower your fees, or else we invent our own. And if there are any company on earth that could...
Unlike most other Company where there environmental effort and show off are more like an extra budget from Marketing Campaign,    I do believe Apple generally do care. and do give a damn.
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