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 Those are pretty good results, you cant expect super fast Desktop SSD or Top End SD card performance. Power consumption matters. And if you take those into account NAND inside our phone has actually gotten 2 - 3 times faster in the past 4 - 5 years. Yes, TSV NAND with Controller will come soon. Those will be small and fast. But i dont have any power usage information. And Apple cares about it much more then performance.
Oh for pete sake. Yes Most analysts are dump. But what is being said here is certainly not.   Yes, designing the baseband isn't harder then CPU. But it certainly is another area with its sets of engineering challenges that has many different trade off compare to CPU or even GPU. But do remember Apple did not design its CPU / GPU from scratch. Those were IPs bought and they made custom design to it. So yes, if they decide to make one from scratch it certainly is...
I really like AI highlight that part. Was it a joke because i find it funny. :D  Apple 2013 App Store Sales Top 10 Billion. Secure payment system its an hard thing to do worldwide. I dont think Apple is quite up to the task yet.
 No, HTC One metal casing were from mold as well. So it doesn't have to be Liquid Metal.
Because Memory today uses far less power then 4 - 5 years ago? Honestly, technology continue to improve, but price and storage density isn't the only thing that matters. The NAND within your phone has gotten faster. The Memory in iPhone has been using lower and lower power in the pass three generation. All these prices would have drop so much if our Battery Tech get a sudden 10x jump.  But reality is we dont have anything on roadmap that sees substantial battery...
If, Apple decided to put Sapphire ( expensive ) and Liquid Metal Body, then there could be a rise of at least $20-$25 BOM.    But both seems so far away from mass production I dont see these as the reason to rise price.   The most likely thing I say, would be Apple decide to drop 16GB from its Flagship Model. So iPhone 6 will start at 32GB.   And if you want 16GB you will have to choose the mid / lower tier.
 There are few more things that Apple could improve even with the thinner package. So not to worry.
 Yes, Since the Old iPhone is also 4.6mm thicker, so the total added distance for your thumb is still roughly the same as the largest iPhone first produced. While a 21:9 screen are possible, I make this assuming purely based on engineering. I think the design of a phone with 21:9 will looks fairly ugly, unless they get rid of the Top and Buttom part. ( Which doesn't fit the schematics ).
 Well HP already has an Fanless Ultrabook running with Core i5 Haswell. Yes, Poor HP gets no coverage or reviews, it was a pretty decent built machine. So you can be assured only better performance or even lower power from Broadwell. And Intel has since introduce SDP, scenario design power. Which is different to TDP.
Well incidentally the largest iPhone was about the same size at 62.1mm. So I think 63.2mm is plausible, until Apple can manage to get zero brezel.   I have always thought the next iPhone screen Ratio will likely change to 21:9, in order to get larger screen without getting too wide. Which sounds just about right with the measures.
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