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LOLThen by your argument Apple should make a plastic 4 and 4S and stop selling those metallic 4/4S? Because they are HUGLY expensive to make? Oh, and they happen to sit below your cheap plastic 5C pricing as well. And, those BOM are BS? How do you know this? Kindly pick out those BOM slides and tell me where those BS are?
 For Apple, the cost different of making a Plastic iPhone and Metal iPhone is tiny when they already have those running. I.e They could have made the Mid Range iPhone with Metal, and the BOM would be less then 3% difference.  Making Metallic body means a lot more engineering on the Antenna front.  And the biggest problem is making it scale. You cant create them fast enough, and the machinery that are required are being locked up by Apple years in advance. Hence that is why...
 I think that is what's going to happen assuming the board leaks are correct. Edit. The measurement shown in Geekbar Board A : 61.52 x 98.66mmBroad B : 51.14 x 95.52mm
 Well you should read the bit just before what you highlighted  
 LMAO. Geekbar has been pretty accurate source in previous leaks as well. ( And there are actually a few more photos shown with size measurement ) Assuming the board leaks are correct, then the 5.5 will likely be a secret design. Hence why we haven't seen anything about it. And that the Pegatron isn't actually getting more total % iPhone orders, but likely Foxconn will be the only supplier for the 5.5" iPhone. While Pegatron gets more of the 4.7" orders. 
 Meta cases isn't expensive. The total cost of casing in the overall BOM is tiny. Plastic and Metal is more of a market segmentation rather then cost. 
But why? Would be great, So then Apple could hide those iPad numbers from the Wall Street guess work. LTE 6 is pretty much guaranteed.  Apple has 3 options.Qualcomm 20nm 9x35 modem, the most likely choice since it supports CDMA.Intel 7260, should be much cheaper then Qualcomm but does not offer CDMA.Or their in house 4G baseband Integrated into A8.  
If it is an iPad Nano, then it would have the same problem, 1 resolution in 3 difference screen size? 5.5 would be about 450PPI. Although I wouldn't mind an iPad Nano with VoLTE capability.
If Apple ever consider making the switch, I am sure this will be very help to them   Translate x86 Machine Code Into LLVM Bitcode http://blog.trailofbits.com/2014/08/07/mcsema-is-officially-open-source/
Well that was a problem when the first iPhone came out with only GPRS network. Now 4G LTE is even faster then my god damn ADSL Home network. (Sigh). In the next 2 - 3 years the world will move to LTE-A, micro-cell, VoLTE, and hopefully pCell. The mobile network has never been better. Of course this is mainly a Asia and EU perspective where LTE deployment are ahead of US. But it is not like US mobile network aren't improving. And we are very likely to see the first LTE...
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