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This is a good thing. As soon as they offer 512 Gig in a MB Air, I'm sold...
Same thing happened to me. Lion completely screwed my 2011 MBP! Now I gotta try to recover my files and reinstall snow leopard.
Lion killed my time machine back up. I now have NO back up capability. Apparently Lion is not compatible with 90% of the 3rd party external drives. I would advise anyone who uses time machine as a back up system to wait until the drive manufacturers release compatible drivers.
Love the mac mini, I bought one for my wife, but why in the heck would you put a card reader on the BACK of a mac mini? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, they should have just left that off !!!
I firmly believe that Apple is preparing to directly compete with Netflix streaming subscription. They are probably having trouble getting all the studios and TV outlets on board with licensing. I sure hope it happens, Netflix HD streaming is awesome, they just lack enough variety due to the same licensing problems that Apple is having...
I completely agree!
I totally agree. 3 separate apps to check mail, calendar and address book is ridiculous in the year 2010.
My TC died 2 months ago, almost exactly 18 months from the day I purchased it. Took it to the Apple store in Costa Mesa and after determining that it was dead, they replaced it on the spot with a comparable factory repaired unit. The Genius bar guy told me that they were seeing alot of people coming in with 18 month old TC's that had died with the power supplies burnt out. Not surprising considering how hot this unit runs and it has hardly any ventilation. The tech...
The law is clear. You find something, know who the rightful owner is, do not return it to it's rightful owner or the local police dept, and then sell it for $5000!!! GUILTY!!! They is no grey area here. Simply GUILTY. Freedom of speech has got NOTHING to do with this case!!!
where do notes get synced?
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