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That's good. Did he stop by T-mobile HQ too?
The 27" LED Cinema Display is still available at the Apple Store.
Well, that is nice to know. I have been eyeing the 27-inch LED Cinema Display for my Mac mini (mid 2010) and MacBook Air (Late 2010) a while. With today annoucment, I'm safe to go ahead and buy the 9/2010 release model. Few days ago, I thought Apple is going to drop the price on the non-TB Cinema Display but Apple keeps it for Mac Pro customers.
I missed the deadline. Either way, I didn't experience any problem with the antenna.
I agree. I kept my iPad inside the Apple case and didn't notice any signal dropout.
I'm not surprised. A couple of my buddies who work at Microsoft use their iPhones religiously. Recently, some started to get the Android-based smartphones. With MS Exchange support natively on the iPhone, I'm sure MS gets money from each iPhone sales, right?
I still haven't updated mine to 3.1.3.
Really? I rarely used the phone and MMS part on the iPhone. Meanwhile, even the iPad runs the iPhone-ish OS, the functionality should be different. I can't wait to get the iPad.
I switched carriers from time to time, but I never looked at Verizon/Sprint network. Anyway, the AT&T coverage is not bad in the Seattle area. Typically, I use 2 to 3 gigs of data per month. Sorry if I clog up the network. It was pretty bad when I was in Vegas last year tho. Yes, I will get an iPad when it's available. With all the Verizon's ad campaign, it makes me dislike them.
I bought my sister a 13-inch MBP and MobileMe on Black Friday. Couldn't be happier.
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