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AFAIK, the new revision uses only 2 AA batteries instead of 3. Apple also moved the 'bluetooth antenna' to the middle.
Thanks. I still have the iMac, but my current setup is different. I'm still the up-coming iMac will be even better.
Sure you may get the apps to run, but Apple will not provide any technical support.
Bought my first iPod when I was in college (22) and it's the 10GB touch-wheel model.
I have a 3.06Ghz iMac (Early 2008) with nVidia GeForce 8800 GS and 4gigs of RAM and 2.26Ghz Mac mini with 4gigs of RAM. I love my iMac since opening the box, it is quiet and the screen looks stunning. Meanwhile, I use the Mac mini as a HTPC along with an Apple TV. For you need, I think the iMac will serve you better.
Bring this thread back.
I did receive an iPod shuffle (2nd gen), but I have no interest on it.
Well, I am not a teen anymore. However, I look forward to the 5th generation iPod nano when it hit the Apple Store. Sure, I have a white iPhone, but I still want an iPod.
I did my part. Last week, I ordered the 2.26Ghz Mac mini, 4GB of RAM, and 250GB HDD upgrade along with a 1TB Time Capsule. It's not my main machine (that's the 3.06Ghz iMac), but I really love this updated Mac mini. That 1TB Time Capsule will replace my original AirPort Extreme 802.11n (Fast Ethernet). The pricing of the 2008 iMac models are very good right now. Down the road, I look forward to Snow Leopard, iPhone, and iPod nano.
I ordered a copy of Mac Box Set, it's a good move from Apple. The $49 iWork '09 bundle with new Mac is also a good start.
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