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I don't think that part is new. Yes, I did click agree.
Way too many ports and I expect dual magsafes.
As an iPhone 3G user, I know a couple of my co-workers are in the market. As for the Mac, I look forward to purchase a 2.4Ghz MacBook or go straight to the 2.53Ghz MBP before Christmas.
As long as the partition map scheme is Apple partition map, your G5 should be able to boot up.
I was a Netflix subscriber for 2 years. After the day I bought the Apple TV, I canceled my subscription. DVD rental was just fine, but blu-ray movie titles were a pain.
Seems like a good move for RealNetworks. In terms of non-iTunes music marketplace, I tried Amazon before. It's pretty straight forward, but I end up going back to the iTunes store. I have iTunes opens all the time and it's still easier for me to obtain music without fire up a web browser. I trust Apple and Amazon, but really not sure about RealNetworks.
Thank you.
With your trash talking, which company/ies do you like or not lying?
I went back to the Apple Store last night and the staff replaced my faulty 3.06Ghz model on the spot. Now, I really love the iMac.
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