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Blocking the usage of iTunes isn't a good solution at all.
I have an APC Back-UPS ESBE750BB. My first UPS and no problem at all.
Will there be a MacWorld Expo 2008 section?
Last year, I got all 3 of them, Xbox 360 (April), Wii (Nov), and PS3 (Dec). Today, I have only the Wii and PS3. Honestly, I haven't turned on the Wii for almost 2 months. Nintendo needs to come up with something more fun. I'm waiting for the Wii fit tho. On the PS3 side, I love it. Now, I'm thinking of getting a PSP Slim.
EyeConnect works for me.
Version 3.2 is Leopard friendly.
I don't trust the first graph at all. Sony/Ericsson used to make good phones. I had the S/E T630 for 2 years, love it. However, I picked up an unlocked Motorola RAZR V3 and returned it right way, the UI was horrible and the whole experience was pretty bad as well.
Second that. It's a start and Leo does a good job.
Shortage? I bought the wired version at the 5th Ave. New York store during my vacation about 2 months ago, at that time the local Apple Store (Bellevue Square) didn't have it on the shelf. On the other hand, I have never seen the wireless model in real life, but some people were already using it.
I will be care-less for an iPhone nano. Meanwhile, since Steve said something like lowering the price for the 'holiday season', I believe that there will be something coming up during MWSF regarding to the iPhone.
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