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I almost forgot about the $100 in-store credit.
What if you lost the 2.4 GHz Nano-receiver? Can you buy order it? What I have learned from the Logitech forum, if you lose its' 5.1 speaker controller unit, you have to buy the whole speaker set again. Logitech will not sell you the controller unit alone.
I'm on the same boat. I have a MDD G4, Rev. A G5, and iBook G4 sitting around. Is it difficult to make a Mac mini 'headless'? Recently, I set up my G5 without monitor, keyboard/mouse. I strictly use it via Apple Remote Desktop. It would be great to get a Mac mini and replace the G5 since it would be a waste to have a Radeon X800 XT card and not using it.
I am a .Mac user since the free iTools day and going to renew my membership. 1. HomePage - I still have it but hardly done any update. iWeb 2.0 should give me back to the camp. 2. iDisk - I do use iDisk even though it's not the fastest thing out there for online storage, but it's easy to use. 3. mac.com email - that's my primary email address and I have an extra email-only account as well. There is SPAM, but SpamSieve does the job pretty well. 4. Backup.app - I use...
Good for the fans... John Lennon is not my generation.
Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro are fine. Mac Pro minus an optical drive bay, expansion slots, and hard drive bays... hmm.
For the record... Apple Specifications. MacWorld SF '99 iMac (266 MHz), Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White), Apple Studio Display 15, 17 & 21. MacWorld SF '01 PowerBook G4 and Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) MacWorld SF '02 iBook (14.1 LCD), iMac (Flat Panel), and iMac (17-inch Flat Panel) MacWorld SF '03 AirPort Extreme/Base Station, PowerBook G4 (12-inch + 17-inch) MacWorld SF '04 Xserve G5, Xserve RAID (SFP), iPod mini and iPod mini (Second Generation) MacWorld SF...
That's cool. What are you gonna do with your previous top-of-the-line iMac?
There is no digital download of the iLife '08 via apple.com and serial number is not required. You may want to read up the iLife software licensing agreement.
I'm looking into 802.11n solution for PPC-based Macs as well. Went thru xlr8yourmac, macintouch, etc.
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