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My local library carries Car and Top Gear. I really enjoy reading both of them.
Blogger and Lj are pretty popular although I come across that I read more Lj pages than Blogger. On the other hand, my friend told me that Windows Live Spaces needs some sort of update.
Well, I still think the iPhone MSPR is acceptable. I'm 27 and working at a school environment. Kids these days do have the latest and greatest AFAIK. 2 years ago, I went ahead and bought myself a $400 Nokia smartphone. It works pretty well and it's an unlocked phone. Meanwhile, survey says doesn't really tell the whole story. BTW, all my co-workers want the iPhone. I had my first cellphone when I was a high school junior, my parents didn't even know about it back then....
I agree. The RAZR is just terrible. I bought the unlocked GSM version while my Nokia 6682 was in the repair center. I felt like I was back to year 2000 or something. Some of my friends also use the RAZR and not fond with it.
It *can* be in 3 years. I had an Xbox 360 last year and thought about getting the $199 HD-DVD player add-on as the price was right. However, I bought the Wii and PS3 later on and decided to let go with the Xbox 360 and the whole HD-DVD route. I have NetFlix and started to rent Blu-ray titles. I never had a chance to experiece the HD-DVD format, but Blu-ray looks good to me. As far as the movie studio concern, I only miss out releases from Universal Studio and some...
hmm... 480i BTW.. I noticed that regular DVD playback was awesome on the PS3 compared to the Xbox 360, better control. However, I much prefer the Xbox 360 controller. Anyway, I have the player and software (from NetFlix), but not the hardware (HDTV).
The PS3 is alright.. I'm still in the newbie mode.
I got the PS3 here, but have yet to get a HDTV. May be I'm hard to please, I'm eyeing for the 1080p model.
I got the Zelda game yesterday.
I didn't get the Zelda game caused it quickly sold out during the mid-night event. I agree with groverat. The Wii Sports bundled game and remote are fantastic.
New Posts  All Forums: