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Probably next year. I have the Xbox 360 since last Summer and kind of disappointed. However, I love my Wii.
I'm a Chinese here. Although I didn't read all the comments, it's indeed getting out of hand.
Ditto. Silver Apple logo model, right?
I updated it awhile ago. No problem with it. I assumed that you have a Mac with Ethernet port on it, right? How about sharing you dial-up connection to your Xbox 360 with a crossover (on other Mac) or a regular CAT 5 patch cable.
I'm one of the 5 Millions. I noticed that BestBuy carried a special edition of the DVD gift set (with 4 toy cars and a free 3D poster) for $29.99 (before tax). That's the one I bought.
I really get tired of these 'yet-another-true-video' iPod rumor.
My red iPod nano comes with software version 1.0.2.
I ordered one online with laser engraving last night. I received an email this morning about the shipment. It's quick.
yea yea.. yet another iPhone article. Since, I'm happy with my Nokia S60 smartphone and Sidekick 3, I don't think I will actually buy an Apple-branded iPhone. Too little, too late.
okie... I bought the original 4GB iPod nano on the first day of announcement. It's a big upgrade from my 10GB iPod 2G and 512MB iPod shuffle at that time. When the 5G iPod came out, I immediately bought the 60GB model. I eventually sold the iPod nano to my friend. I constantly checked the rumors sites regarding to a 'true' video iPod. After the Sept 12 announcement, I was a little bit upset. However, I asked myself do I really need a 'true' video iPod? I have a 17-inch...
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