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The first one is model D-EJ01 or D-E01(in Japan), which has been landed since Summer, 1999. SONY USA listed this item as somewhere between 399 to 499 USD last year I guess. Of course, SONY USA charges thing like crazy. The second model is D-EJ955, on the market since 10/21/2001. It features CD-TEXT, G-Protection 2mode, 92hrs batteries life [with 2XAA battery], 2 "gum-stick"...
Currently, I'm using this slot-load SONY CD player (model D-EJ01), I bought it back in 1999. This CD player is also pictured in the Apple.com's iBook site as well. I know CD technology is kind of *old*, but you need it as the basic. Just make sure the player has a optical out port, so that you have transfer songs to the MiniDisc. Just my opinion. What's I'm looking up next are the following; All of them feature the CD-TEXT and G-Protection, play well on CD-R. I...
Remember the 5 mins PowerBook G4 video featuring the song Godspeed? BT was one of the pro Mac user in that video. Apple also loaded two of his music, Remember and Blue Skies, as part of the iTunes sampler on my PBG4. I just bought his newest "R&R". Looks like you guys suggest his "Movement in Still Life" Import over the US edition, right? Kenneth
I have the exhibits only pass and now looking for affordable hotel and air-ticket from Seattle. The "Macworld/Users Conference" pass and a 20% off student discount sounds good to me.
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