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Amazon is too direct a competitor with the Kindle line. Besides, ebooks make too much sense on a phone or tablet for Apple to just avoid. DoJ just needs to accept that selling ebooks at or below cost is preventing any competition, which is the definition of a monopoly.
Correct. The publishers have dropped Apple's model, though it really seemed the fairest model since it would allow entrants into the market. Where the DOJ gets the story completely wrong is that Apple's model would have allow competitors, meaning competitive prices. Amazon's model is to sell at a loss, which effectively prevents any competition, no ebook store can loose money on every book & remain in business for long. So now DOJ has to sue Amazon for being a...
An hourly employee should be compensated for their time spent at work. This is the same as Nordstrom's hourly employees who were expected to maintain their customer contact logs & make their customer contacts during the associate's off hours, when they were off of the clock. There are many other examples. Essentially, hourly staff must be paid for the time they are required to be at work. Apple Stores are aware of their hourly staff schedules & can properly have a...
This is more disturbing than the NSA storing call metadata on a server, which can only access the data after a court order specifying who is being investigated and why. That's it, NSA can look once. But Google has setup Android to spy on every user for as long as they use that phone. Nice Cheers !
[/quote] … They gave it a standing ovation yesterday. Probably because they were more focused on the improved functionality than whether the app icons are ugly or not. [/quote] Well, the Apple employees gave a standing ovation at least. Apple staff are known to sit in the audience to be the excited attendees, cheering & standing, etc.
The next iPhone update is due out when iOS 7 is released, around OCT-ish. Until then, there will not be any sneak peaks, which would kill Apple's great PR talents
The high-resolution , Retina display, is best suited for text and high resolution images, ie from a camera or on a webpage, it is not about showcasing the OS user interface, which by most definitions should be simple and not distracting Cheers !
Haha… right on !
I use Apple's Maps as a resource to verify other nav apps. I have been given bad directions by several nav apps & have used Apple's Maps app to get me un-lost & to my destination many times. I also use it to verify dubious directions & I rely on it for more accurate travel times. I don't use Maps as my regular nav app because the features are too basic & I prefer to have my map data onboard. All nav apps make dubious choices in route planning & I have found that they also...
New Posts  All Forums: