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I followed this guide to spoof my MAC Address, it spoofed fine. But after the spoof my computer will not join back onto a wireless network. Does anyone know what I did wrong or is there a way to fix this problem? The reason I want to spoof my Mac is because my school will not allow wireless gaming for some reason (they allow wired), so I need to make my laptop MAC address the same as my Wii's so I can login and authenticate myself from my laptop and then play games online...
Sweet thanks Ill try to uninstall it when I have time (finals going on right now) and Ill post results after I do it
I'm sorry but I'm new to OS X (like 2 weeks new) and don't know what that means...
Mine MB White C2D makes a clunky insert and eject noise other than that its really quite. I don't think its a problem.
How do I uninstall Connect 360 (the program that you use to stream media to an Xbox 360). It isn't an application and I cant find any documentation on how to do it at their website. The only place where I can see that I have it installed is in system preferences. How would I uninstall this program?
Perfect thanks. That did it
I use it its really good. I haven't had any stablility problems at all I really suggest it
Hi I have like 30 .doc files that I would like to merge into one. Preferably with each document being separated by a page. Is there any way to do this?
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