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No complaining, thank you, just stating my opinion.
Have to chime in that I was glad to see this tip to leave the keyboard in a constant state of displaying caps. I found it an annoying distraction to have the letters changing at the start of every sentence. I'm aware enough of what I'm doing to know if I've shifted or engaged caps lock. As everyone has stated it is a personal preference so I think having the option is great.
Thanks SolipsismY. Helpful information.
My failure is using the same password login combo on all sites. My fear about Services like 1P is what happens when they are hacked or have a breach?
The Straight Pride section is everything else on the App Store. The Straight Pride section is everything else in the world. There you go, I showed you where the Straight Pride sections are.
I've been wondering the same thing myself as I've read through these comments.
I lurk here constantly but rarely post in discussions. I generally think the people who post here are well informed, intelligent people. However I am utterly amazed at the ignorance posted here about Edward Snowden. He is a whistleblower and in my opinion a hero to have exposed the extent to which our very basic constitutional rights are being trampled on by our own government. The fact of the matter is that he turned over all documents to journalists in Hong Kong long...
No one has 'given' up our privacy. It's been taken by the U.S. govt and all the sheep in the nation are too stupid / lazy / clueless to do anything about stopping them.
I could not agree more!
I just used my BofA debit card via Apple Pay at Walgreens. I had to enter my PIN number into the terminal. I was surprised, I hadn't given it a lot of thought since the demo I watched must be a credit card therefore no pin necessary. EDIT: Should have read all the posts. Another poster was told to just hit the green button and no pin was necessary. I wonder if it then gets treated as a credit trans rather than a debit?
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