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6 page thread? Watched it grow from 6 pages to 47 pages in about 25 minutes. Mine is working again without trying any of the 5,000 different "fixes" people have listed. EDIT: Sorry, I was watching a different discussion thread about wifi issues after ios6 upgrade. The 6 page thread AI listed is about page not found and currently at 14 pages.
Huge +1 from me.Been using a dot Mac address since they were first available and it has always been stable and reliable. Never cared much for dot me and only mildly interested in dot iCloud so hopefully the dot Mac will live on forever!
I have to agree. It goes back to the comment about not having drivers as the cause of a fail due to the MS software operating on many different handsets. IMO, one of the reasons for Apple's success both in computers and phones is that they control the hardware that runs their software and can ensure a good, consistent user experience.
We ordered two phones the second day of pre-ordering. Had a ship date of 7/14. They have shipped them early and will be here on the 8th. Doesn't look like a struggle to meet demand from this household's perspective - your mileage may vary.
I'm sorry if my sarcasm was lost on you. I do understand that it matters to those who have gotten their orders in. Two of us here have been trying all last evening and since 3:30 am today to no avail.
Doesn't really matter what the ship date is if you can't even put an order into their system.
Consequences to those on Wall Street for misleading people or causing financial losses? Are you new here?
Looks like I'll be sticking with Quicken 2004 - at least until the G5 iMac holds out anyway. Agree that this software is way too expensive for the features. Plus it only took them forever to come up with this. Been promising a Mac version forever.
Have to agree also! There are already do many RFID chips embedded in hundreds of consumer products that are sitting in everyone's homes.
I'll also gladly continue to pay the $100. It's an excellent value for the money, IMHO
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