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Consequences to those on Wall Street for misleading people or causing financial losses? Are you new here?
Looks like I'll be sticking with Quicken 2004 - at least until the G5 iMac holds out anyway. Agree that this software is way too expensive for the features. Plus it only took them forever to come up with this. Been promising a Mac version forever.
Have to agree also! There are already do many RFID chips embedded in hundreds of consumer products that are sitting in everyone's homes.
I'll also gladly continue to pay the $100. It's an excellent value for the money, IMHO
That the ISP's are hit with traffic that they aren't getting any revenue for. At some point the ISP's aren't going to allow AT&T to continue to dump all their traffic onto the ISP's network. BTW, love the login name.
I told you that if enough of us called and demanded it, they would turn it on.
I just placed a call to AT&T asking them where my MMS and tethering services were. Three rungs up the ladder and no one has an answer. I urge all iPhone users to call them and demand to know where these promised services are. Their lame "we are working to be able to provide the best experience" means nothing.
While I'm not the poster you are questioning, I'll answer anyway. They represent thieves who feel they are entitled to do as they wish with no consequences. They and their actions should be hated - IMHO.
You make a good point about counterfeiting from their current customer base. Leads me to wonder (judging from another post about membership criteria) just how many of their customers are going to "trust" depositing checks by sending a picture.
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