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Agreed! It is a slippery slope that we are already on. The NSA monitoring calls without warrants and the monitoring of banking wires that go out of the country are just two things that have come to light. What else is there? Where does one draw the line.
Excellent point.
I find the best part of all this (not this discussions here - which makes my head hurt, but the incident itself) is that Edwards is calling to raise $100,000 of campaign contributions in "Coulter Cash." I signed onto his website and sent him some of my money. Not necessarily because I support him, but because it was smart to use this to his advantage.
Not true for the Maxtor One Touch II. Use it on my iMac every week.
Especially if Congress sticks its nose into Toyota's success here.
I like and have used for a year or two now the One Touch series from Maxtor. One button and it's a full, bootable backup. Saved me when the iMac drive took a dive.
Airport Extreme.
I used to print from my MacBook to an iMac with a shared usb printer connected to the iMac. When I installed AE, I had to add the printer on both computers. Neither computer saw the printer under the old shared settings. Both easily saw it connected to the AE when I went to add the printer. When I run Windows XP on the MacBook, Bonjour sets the printer up easily.
I'm printing to an older Epson 1270 and it works great from a couple of MACs and a windows XP box. Haven't tried the USB hard drive or hub yet.
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