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I'm printing to an older Epson 1270 and it works great from a couple of MACs and a windows XP box. Haven't tried the USB hard drive or hub yet.
I agree that the law would be silly. Hard as government would try, they cannot protect stupid people. However, I don't understand what US Senator Clinton has to do with New York City laws.
I'm enjoying mine. I got it for AppleTV primarily, the only other wireless item is a MacBook (until the two iPhones for our household are delivered in June). I wouldn't say an AE for two MacBooks would be overkill. You can share a printer or drive at the base station. Printer sharing works great. I replaced a five year old Linksys that until recently was trouble free, so I can vouch for their products.
Congrats on getting one, I'm happy for you. Glad to hear it works well.I am, however, bummed at Apple. I ordered one directly from Apple on the day it was announced and even though they are shipping earlier than promised, I have to wait longer than someone who can just go buy one.EDIT: Got shipment notification. Should be here Tuesday.
People who have older PC's and want Vista will have to get a new computer in order to be able to use all the "new" features.
I'm by no means a network engineer, but other than moving files around within your home network, why would one need gigibit? In my case, I have DSL. The speed of the dsl is no where near gigabit, so what would 1000/base T ports gain me? If nothing can enter or leave the network any faster than the speed of my dsl I don't see this as an issue. I'm hoping that since the documents are going up on their website and that earlier rumor of the new base's shipping this month, that...
Wow, tell us what you really think of Cingular.
People who are on alcohol kill and hurt many, many more other people than those who are on other drugs (Mary) that just don't happen to be legal.
Pardon me?
ummm, here's an idea: just don't read the posts
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