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In tracking the package this am, it now says delivery on 6/18. It's going to make it hard to stay home and wait for it if the date keeps changing. I'll see what, if any scans show up today.
+1 here, except it's Phoenix, not LA. I'm hoping for the 17th but am trying to temper my anticipation since I've been promised only the 19th. They may have sent the pre orders out early to try and stagger out the activations. <-- Wishful thinking.
I must have missed that one in the Bill of Rights. Maybe there is something about it in the Constitution.
In our household there would be some discussion about whether or not the one of us that got it first would even be able to crack open the box.
i've read the article and posts a couple of times and I see no mention of Apple deliveries anywhere. It seems to affect AT&T only. (of course that is what I'm hoping for since we've got two on order for home delivery on Friday from Apple directly) Order Status on the Apple Store shows prepared for shipment. So I'm hopeful.
First, I don't see anything in my post about AT&T or the iPhone. Secondly, you would propose that customers could make any plan with a cell carrier they want? How would the cell carrier do business with every customer making their own plan. Why would anyone want an iPhone without a data plan? Using data is half the purpose of the device. Sorry you are so anti AT&T and feel it's a monopoly. Perhaps you should contact your congresspersons and ask them to look into this.
No one in the wireless industry has every shoved terms down my throat when I entered into a contract with them.If I don't like their terms, I am free to not do business with them.
No cover on my 1st gen iPhone and the glass is still in great condition two years later. I also just wipe it on the nearest soft cloth to remove fingerprints. It's glass, I've never understood peoples need to cover it with plastic/vinyl.
Except for the much faster processor, double the RAM and the camera/compass hardware.
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