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Agreed! I'm using a version that is five years old on my mac. Intuit has always treated Mac customers as the poor-red-headed step child.
+2 new 3GS phones in our house.
Not the case here. Two first gen phones here that are showing no service while the new 3GS's are waiting for activation.
Looks like the two phones coming to my house are on the same flight as yours. Thanks for the flight data, I'll know when to look for an updated scan.
In tracking the package this am, it now says delivery on 6/18. It's going to make it hard to stay home and wait for it if the date keeps changing. I'll see what, if any scans show up today.
+1 here, except it's Phoenix, not LA. I'm hoping for the 17th but am trying to temper my anticipation since I've been promised only the 19th. They may have sent the pre orders out early to try and stagger out the activations. <-- Wishful thinking.
I must have missed that one in the Bill of Rights. Maybe there is something about it in the Constitution.
In our household there would be some discussion about whether or not the one of us that got it first would even be able to crack open the box.
i've read the article and posts a couple of times and I see no mention of Apple deliveries anywhere. It seems to affect AT&T only. (of course that is what I'm hoping for since we've got two on order for home delivery on Friday from Apple directly) Order Status on the Apple Store shows prepared for shipment. So I'm hopeful.
New Posts  All Forums: