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How is it "long term gain" when, if they offer undue discounts on this round of upgrades, the complainers here will demand it again when the next phone comes out?There is nothing new that a cell phone company wants you to wait out your contract before subsidizing a new piece of hardware.The 3G owners who are under contract need to either suck it up and pay the price for new hardware or just wait until they are eligible again. It's that simple and I have no sympathy for them.
I'm sorry, but I cannot muster any sympathy for you. A little bit of internet research and you would have found many, many sites with speculation about the new models. I also don't have much sympathy for those who bought a 3G and now expect an upgrade price earlier than their contracts said they are entitled to.
Oh, the horror of it all. Members posting their opinions on a user forum. What's next? Nice language, btw.
I think maybe you should research what a restricted option is before posting comments about all the errors. Just my two cents.
Count me as another "lucky one." No dropped calls, quite happy with the service in Phoenix.
What is this "pay phone" you speak of?
I am quite satisfied with AT&T's service. 1st gen phone works great for me in the Phoenix area. A friend has a 3G and is quite satisfied with their 3G service here also.
IMHO - In normal business communications, justifying the right side of text makes it difficult to read and is out of use.
That would be me among them. I'll be getting the new one as soon as it is released. It's been hard enough not trading my 1st gen for the 3G model.
New Posts  All Forums: