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I was really hoping that the announcement of copy/paste and MMS would STOP people from complaining about these features not existing. (features that I personally haven't missed one bit in two years of use)
I'm sorry, but did you research the phone and it's features before you purchased it?
It becomes nearly silent, so I would guess that it spins down. Don't know it for a technical certainty.
I can hear the TC from two rooms over (doors open, hallway between them). I almost could use it to announce the hour when it does backups. Obviously, when the drive isn't cranking, it's nearly silent.
bye ...
After five or six times, I got the network test to complete. Just said it was done when it was finished. The text at the beginning says: "This test sends information about your Internet connection to Apple in order to help improve download performance." So I guess I shouldn't have been expecting any data.
Nothing other than Apple software on the box. Wireless N connection through a TC. Qwest DSL. Second time seems to be hung in the same place. I'm going to just leave it and see if it completes.
It has been "uploading test results..." for about ten minutes now. Pretty sure it is stuck.
Is the network test feature new? I've not noticed it before. Running it now. Software update was quick and issue free.
When you install software, you agree to the terms of usage. So you have, in essence signed a lease/license agreement. If you don't want to sign the contract, then you shouldn't install the software.
New Posts  All Forums: