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I am quite satisfied with AT&T's service. 1st gen phone works great for me in the Phoenix area. A friend has a 3G and is quite satisfied with their 3G service here also.
IMHO - In normal business communications, justifying the right side of text makes it difficult to read and is out of use.
That would be me among them. I'll be getting the new one as soon as it is released. It's been hard enough not trading my 1st gen for the 3G model.
+1 Having read this thread in full means that there goes 15 minutes of my life I'll never get back. My own fault, but it was sort of bad car accident like.
A hand keyed card number is much more open to chargebacks. Swiping the card proves the physical presence of the card. I am certain they'll use a card reader, I can't imagine how their cc processor would allow all those hand keyed transactions.
Thank you, I too was trying to figure out if this guy was making a point.
I was really hoping that the announcement of copy/paste and MMS would STOP people from complaining about these features not existing. (features that I personally haven't missed one bit in two years of use)
I'm sorry, but did you research the phone and it's features before you purchased it?
It becomes nearly silent, so I would guess that it spins down. Don't know it for a technical certainty.
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