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So stealing is ok as long as what is being stolen is expensive? Gotta love that logic.
"tweeking to make it work in full" = STEALING
It is always the most ignorant posts that have the worst spelling.
He is too busy running a company that produces really good stuff.
... and then those users will go and use their error ridden pc. Cute commercials (NOT! imho) do not make software that runs.
I'm sure your employer would love for you to have the ability to read your personal e-mail on company time. Just ask them to relax the browser rules. I'm sure they'll be happy to do it.Aside from the snarky comment above, I have to say that it is working pretty well for me. Never lost access through the conversion. When push to the desktop comes, I'll consider it a success. I must be one of the 99%. I consider the 90 day extension quite a good customer service move from...
If you should be using your work pc to check Mobile Me mail as part of your job, your employer should upgrade IE or allow you to download Safari.
huge second!
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