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Of course, for data I'm using wifi. I just wasn't sure how much bandwidth would be soaked up with your own little "cell" tower. I don't currently have a 3G phone and I'm told that the coverage in Phoenix is good so it may not be an issue when I upgrade when the new model comes out. The concept of this would be good to improve coverage in your home, however, as many have pointed out, it seems to be abusive on AT&T's part to want to put traffic that should be on their...
Given my lack of understanding the technology involved, this may be a stupid question, but here goes: Will using a device like this on your internet connection create a lot of traffic that may bother your ISP?
You have a choice to not download and use the application. Apple has nothing to do with it other than selling an application like thousands of others.
+1 on all counts
Check your dictionary. Stealing is taking something that does not belong to you. It has nothing to do with the person/company you took it from. Last I checked, Adobe was an upstanding company.
Stealing is stealing no matter how much you try to justify or rationalize it. Have a nice life. Karma can be a nasty thing.
So stealing is ok as long as what is being stolen is expensive? Gotta love that logic.
"tweeking to make it work in full" = STEALING
It is always the most ignorant posts that have the worst spelling.
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