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so don't read the site. Easy solution.
Well, who knew? Thanks. Interesting stuff. I thought Apple just named it that so that the average joe wouldn't have to wrap their mind around how it actually works - but could easily imagine the magical cloud handling the sync.
AT&T is already sharing all of your call data and emails with the federal government. Back to the OP, I have much less concern about Apple knowing my location. Another question I have would be if the people in the middle of a two year contract can get the $299 price by extending their current contract or if they aren't "a qualifying customer."
I currently consider the sync features of .mac one of the best reasons to pay $100 a year. I'll love the push features to my phone. Very glad that I can continue to use my mac.com e-mail address. so-and-so@me.com sounds silly. the "Cloud" ?!?
Agree completely on all points. I GLADLY pay a bit of a premium to have the Apple experience. Hardware and Software both.
I'm running an Extreme Base station in b/g so that our phones can access the network. I've been considering adding the Time Capsule so that I could have an N wireless network for my MacBook and aTV. Problem is, I have absolutely no problems or speed issues running the wireless in b/g so I can't justify the investment.
Can you tell me what you are quoting here? Are these statements in the Constitution?
Wow, I didn't know that the government was in the business of encouraging procreation. I must have missed that part of the Constitution. Maybe it's in the Bill of Rights.
He is the only one who understands that constitutional rights shouldn't be withhled based upon one's sexual orientation. As one of the "gays" the OP is wondering about, all issues matter to me in considering candidates. Ending the war, restoring our eroding civil liberties and the economy are at the top of my list. I'm not hopeful for any inclusion into "marriage" any time soon - even if we manage to get a Democrat into the White House. For about a grand in legal fees, my...
That's MR. Jackass Nerd to you!
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