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ANother thing... What would be the slowest write/read speed recommended? Is Read up to 160MB/s, Write up to 50MB/s acceptable?
So, it is worth it even with without the TRIM command? It seems to me that the TRIM option is only for windows, right? Well, I guess I am gonna get one soon anyways... if that makes that much of a difference, I will pay to see it. :-) Thank you!
Hi All, I was wondering. We all know that SSDs are faster than HDDs, but is it worth it? Considering a SSD (Read 220 MB/sec (max)/Write 125 MB/sec (max) slows down overtime, will it still be faster than a 7200rpm HDD operating in its normal conditions?
Hi Rocket Scientist, I have not tried to uninstall Safari yet... I shall give it a whirl and will post my results here. Thanks for your help.
This is the website I made using iWeb. Was made for this massage service in London. --> here N.B.: I am not advertising or promoting anything here, I am only posting my creation using iWeb and it happens to be a website for this service.
Hi All, I was wondering if this is an issue with Safari or MY Safari... \ Whenever I type a web address and hit enter (return), nothing happens and I have to click reload so that Safari goes to that address. Is that normal? If not, can anyone shed a light on how to fix this? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
Thank you very much... I will give this a try. :-)
Hi all, Hope somebody can help me with this... I am trying to play a DVD-ram disk, created on a DVD recorder. Trouble is, my Mac does not read the disk. the files are recorded in VRO format. Does anyone have any idea of how to play this? Thanks
Sorry to ask but, are you for real??? The memory is soldere to the mainboard. You need to get a new iPhone with larger capacity.
Hey Mydo, Well, if you are going to use Parallels, you do not need to partition anything. Parallels will create a virtual drive and it will "stretch" as you use it. (best deal here). If you want to boot via Boot Camp, then you wil need to partition your HD. If you are not going to have many files on your Windows partition then, get the minimum space allowed by Boot Camp. Hope this helps, but I would, honestly recommend using parallels. Cos, whenever you need to...
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