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For geeks the issue is all of the above, those that know know. For those that don't know, ie techno retarded, it's a concept thing, just signing up for movies by mail like netflix is a revelation as opposed to going to a video rental store. Then there is the price, $300 is too much. To sway the masses you need to have this set up for movie rentals that are price comparatively to brick-and-mortars, but have a better set up, ie rent for a week or two, and reduce the price...
I was going to bring up this very point. Nanos also out sold full sized iPods last year.
Hi, could those of you who have id'd the drive in their MacBooks list some of the information about your computer? My sister has a core duo MacBook bought a few months before they went to core 2 duo processors. So if the machines affected are limited to say core 2 duo machines I now she's alright, if not I'll want to address this. She has had some issues, but unfortunately she's not very computer savvy so it's hard to say if her little problems are related to just her...
I think I can see a pattern here now. Clearly Apple is working to time travel so that it may right past Apple Computer Inc. missteps that allowed Microsoft Windows to become the dominant OS. Perhaps instead of giving M$ a Mac to develop software for, this time they'll give them a copy of pong; probably have a special pirate flag ready for the event and everything
This is all good. The iPod and iTunes has help it attract more customers to the mac platform. It's seemed not matter how amazing Mac OS X was/is compare to windows, it wasn't enough to get people to seriously consider the Mac. The halo effect was real, I've seen it happen, long time PC users buy an iPod, use and Apple app, iTunes, and generate interest on Apple's site. The Mac business now seems to have picked up its own momentum and with leopard and Apple current...
Unless I missed it in the headline, Apple should have told their employees ahead of time that they were not to request the credit. Yes, it was a free phone, but I can totally see someone thinking they could apply for this (no, I don't agree with that, I just can see someone thinking it was OK). Apple could have avoided confusion with a simply memo to all of it employees. I find it hard to believe that Apple did in fact distribute any kind of notice if 800 employees...
Hey, that's a good point. Every day at work I see people running by my office window and every single one of them has an iPod, not a single Zune. In fact, I don't think I've every seen anyone with a Zune, which makes sense, I mean come on, how embarrassing. I still see people walking around with portable CD players, but no Zunes. It ain't easy be'in a Zune, so so lonely.
I'm kinda surprised to see this article on AI. While I expect this kind of headline over at the xxxNN mac news site, I have gotten use to AI filtering these kinds of fluff pieces.
This seems a little off. What would you design in a PDA that you would not incorporation into an iPhone or even the iPod Touch. The only way I could see any success for a non-phone PDA is a very low price point otherwise I don't see it taking off. Yes, thin is nice, but it doesn't really help me if I'm also carrying around an iPod and an iPhone.
Finally, TV with commercials! I'm so going to use the NBC service. All I've been waiting for is to download commercials on my dime. I mean lets face it commercial free TV is just not the same. Now Broadcasting Commercials, home of the pea-cock.
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