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I think if the early photos didn't find their way on the net people wouldn't be referring to this as "fatboy". The thing is super thin. Even if you don't watch video on this, I think it improves the UI and I like that there is cover flow on the device. The early picture also had no sense of scale, after viewing photos of this thing in people's hands, well, I already said it.
The market is still out. Are we sure the Verizon folks are looking at the right phone? It's either that or they are complete idiots. For folks I've talked to the only thing keeping them from owning one is price their existing service contracts with other carriers, but they all covet one, can't think of a single other phone that has had this much lusting after.
Oh, who will flinch first. Universal indicated that they would be aggressive in their re-negotiations. The problem for Apple is that whatever deal they cut with Universal they'll have to cut with the other labels, that means bad news for the consumer and a confusing pricing scheme as well. I don't think Apple is going to fold. So, will Universal suffer by not being available on iTunes, or will Apple suffer for not having the labels on the iTMS? It will be interesting.
All I can think of is the CEO of Palm commenting on the iPhone when it was first introduced. I wonder if it's hit him yet
Not enough hype or too much hype? I'm starting to believe the former, or maybe the market is just starting to realize how big the iPhone treat is, so maybe it's just right amount of hype. I recently read that AT&T anticipates that the iPhone will bring with it a sharp increase in new customers. Of course the inverse of that is a sharp decrease in competitor user base. One of those is Verizon, as a current Verizon customer who is frustrated with Verizon's standard...
This does seem a little ridiculous. A patent was recognized by M$ and M$ rightly paid for it. It seems that if another company also owned the patent, the company to which M$ paid the patents to should informed them that they had additional obligations. If you pay to use a patented technology, then get sued for using it by another company that also owns rights to the patent, it seems the former patent holder should be somehow held accountable. I'm no fan of most of M$'s...
Err, as much excitement there seems to be for this product, I doubt Apple would price this unit that high. Maybe she meant a new mac mini in metal case. Regardless, I have a contract with my current carrier, and unless I can use the iPhone with my carrier during that time I won't be buying it regardless of price until at least it's up. Go with a crappy carrier and it's also out. I love the idea of a phone done by Apple, but it's gotta work with me.
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