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To be honest...I may wait until the San Fran Keynote. For iLife 06... No. I'll get it before Christmas if I can. I'm just waiting for the GT to go UK Live. And no. I'm not waiting for my order so you guys can get yours in first. Lemon Bon Bon
...and Apple doesn't necessarily have to write all these apps from scratch. If they don't make it from scratch, they buy a good product in and give it the Apple touch. Final Cut. Or make one themselves. Aperture. Now is a very exciting time to be part of the Apple scene. In 1997. How much software did Apple have? 2005. How much software do Apple have? 2007. How much software will Apple have? ...software revenues are increasing by...
Apple is making a big push to move the Mac forwards with OS X and the Intel transition. Innovation is etched over everything they do. If Adobe and M$ want to produce mediocre products... ...then Apple has shown a ruthless ability to encroach. More tanks on the lawn of Redmond... ...Photoshop enters the target cross-hare sights of Cupertino...'We can see you...' Lemon Bon Bon
As for Apple not picking up Metacreations stable of apps. I often wondered that myself. But as resources were probably deemed more important for other things...then I guess what we've seen over the years answers your question. Getting the OS right. Getting some software bundled with Macs. Gettting the hardware right. Getting some Pro apps. Metacreations had some nice but half finished pieces of heavily pirated software...and gimmicky half finished at that. ...
Adobe have been slack in some areas of their support for Apple. That's why Apple have created Final Cut and iPhoto. Either Adobe didn't plan offer or offered lacklustre alternatives. If Avid or M$ or Adobe fail of threaten to fail support for a need Apple deems important? We get Final Cut. iPhoto. Safari. Steve Jobs said he hoped or where trying to persuade Adobe to put Core Image support into Photoshop. Politics sez they won't do it. Ergo: Apple release Apperture to...
6-8 weeks. That takes me to...Ulp. Christmas? Just in time for? Lemon Bon Bon
It is if you're American! I check the UK Apple store...not up, yet! Grrr.... I await...it's arrival. Then...I'm going in... Lemon Bon Bon
$350 US. That's got to be about £250-ish. In Pounds. That's pretty impressive. For Apple. It's not at the UK Apple store yet...sigh... My rig is going to cost about £5200 by the look of it... ouch. £3k just for Quad with 4 gig of Ram. 1/2 terrabyte of HD. Then 30 incher. 1,700. Then GT £300. Ouch. Then upgrade to Final Cut Studio... Lemon Bon Bon
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