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So, I'm stuck using the default ringtones forever...?
How do I pick a different ringtone besides the ones that come with it! Why aren't their any cell phone games? And, how do I add music to the iPhone library without having to sync it to a playlist?
Thanks for the tips. I went ahead and bought the refurbished MacBook for $799. Saves me some money so that way I can max out the HD and memory with the savings.
I am looking to purchase a new MacBook from the Apple website. I was just about to pay $1049 for a brand new one with my education discount until I saw they were selling refurbished ones for $799... The only problem is, the refurbished ones are Core Duo and the new ones are Core 2 Duo. Is getting a Core 2 Duo really worth the extra $250? Really all I need it for is using applications such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop for designing websites, school, and playing World...
Posted in wrong forum.
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