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this isn't new. I used my ps3 to stream it for 2 years, and last year just hooked my laptop up to my tv to stream the games. week one is ALWAYS a disaster for some reason and then they figure everything out. quality isn't that great, but it's better than paying for directv.
my guess is that sparrow went to goodle to ask for assistance since apple wouldn't open up the "push" API to another mail client.  Google said, instead of helping you, all you really are is a coat of paint on our admittedly poor interface.  How about you fix our interface, and we give you a truck load of cash to do that and we'll get pushed worked out for you.
I press cntrl+space on my keyboard, type the first two letters of whatever program I want to open, and press enter. Spotlight is the fastest way to launch anything I want with never having to take my hands off the keyboard
yeah, I bet no criminal has ever used an iphone to plan a murder. c'mon now.
I have a white one, and the only problem I've seen is the different color white between the glass and the plastic button. I don't have any problem with photographs being washed out. I don't think there is much truth to that rumor
I have the last model macbook air, and I can attest that flash is worthless on the thing. As soon as I put some flash on, it heats up, gets loud, and comes to a standstill. This is true with youtube, hulu, netflix, and even when the fiance wants to play farmville. I was hoping that flash would have been improved on the new model, but not even installing it leads me to believe that the problem is still there.
the new lil wayne cd has lyrics that would make larry flint blush. yet I can download and listen to the entire offensive album if I choose too from itunes. (I choose not too) Who is it to decide that the words in his lyrics are more or less offensive than anything that playboy would put in an app? Any browser you use can take you to the nastiest stuff you've ever seen if you know what to search for. if you don't want to see it, it's pretty easy to stay away. the fact...
how many of those 21,000 aps in the app store are of the quality of the ds or psp games? it's easy to say, we have more, but when 10000 of those are fart apps, it doesn't really mean much.
it's all scratched up because apple execs saw the zune HD and throw it out the window in disgust that a microsoft product bested their flagship mp3 player... embarrassing for a company like apple that takes such pride in their design. I would say if anything, this was a legit prototype they scraped after seeing what the competition was able to put out, and that's why they don't care if it leaks... at least I hope so... apple needs to get back on the innovation game.
so apple meets the price of the 32gb, hopefully they are able to get an fm radio, oled screen, and a nice updated look to go with it. the zune hd is looking like a damn good media player. it looks like microsoft finally got something right.. this and windows 7 must have apple a little worried. this ipod touch refresh is going to be important, and if apple slacks like they have been for a while now, the are going to see serious competition from microsoft this year.
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