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   Change comes incremetaly. USA and its companies have no moral ground.Plain simple. There are plenty of past and current affairs that support it. It is better to engage in healthy-dialogue than publicly-shaming stunts. 
It is about control.
 Samsung even buys journalists.How respectful! But, who are the real dicksHeads?
  That was so insulting. An artistic career means pursuing a passion already.
Tolerant is not the word.Intelligent, is the word. We live in an age of science reasoning. Tolerant sounds patronising. I have n o right in dictating how anyones should live their live. What is liberty after all?
 No shit!
 You are insane.
Did you think before writing that?
That is the obvious future. Doing it well will be the gist. This is just one of many possible ways. Go Apple, go!
New Posts  All Forums: