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… And some people still think Communism is an "economic" system rather than a political one.
FREE speech? Who is afraid?
   Celebrating treason and stupidity is not equal to teaching history. It's weird we kept a symbol commemorating a pro-slavery secessionist army ( Jon Stewart )   The Issue That Won’t Go Away by Paul Krugman:    
   Change comes incremetaly. USA and its companies have no moral ground.Plain simple. There are plenty of past and current affairs that support it. It is better to engage in healthy-dialogue than publicly-shaming stunts. 
It is about control.
 Samsung even buys journalists.How respectful! But, who are the real dicksHeads?
  That was so insulting. An artistic career means pursuing a passion already.
Tolerant is not the word.Intelligent, is the word. We live in an age of science reasoning. Tolerant sounds patronising. I have n o right in dictating how anyones should live their live. What is liberty after all?
 No shit!
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