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 You are insane.
Did you think before writing that?
That is the obvious future. Doing it well will be the gist. This is just one of many possible ways. Go Apple, go!
  This is already frightening.
Where are the - It is good for innovation! - people? PayPal is panicking? Technology IS people, that is WHY it fail sometimes. I doubt you will want technology to be completely autonomous, do you?
  AH!Should be obvious, now i get it,
Now, that is a FAIL!
I am not interested, i want a Mac Pro machine. … Then i will save for a 4K.
If it will be called iWatch, then it is not a watch.   Perhaps a electronic wallet, one that you only need to shake yr hand for it to work/interacts with your surroundings.
  Stretching a bit? Apple did innovate without Steve J.With Jobs it just reGained focus.
New Posts  All Forums: