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That is what Democracy is all about.  Democracy is an arena, where different interests fight for a better position. Yes, it is a fight that should have impartial referees. Referees are the people.   Democracy does not equal justice per se.
  For much of them to be honest?You are asking too much. How  many people lost their job and houses because of a paper published by Reinhart and Rogoff?To this day, they did not not say sorry.
  Apple biz strategy is a slap in the face of the wall street mindset.That is all.Period.
  Indeed. And people still give more credit to some much-of-the-time-wrrong-analysts with little to lose, because integrity worth not much for those analysts, than they give to a CEO who have much to lose.Apple is a very peculiar corporation, Apple has a zillion of competitors, and it is in bed with very few players, so it has allot to lose if it cook the books.
Why people listen to those folls?   OH!, just look at talking heads on TV.
 Are you sure Apple will make a biggerScreen iPhone by then?
Do not do it for money.
  You are forgeting this - what is fun for you and me may not be fun for others. I said i doubt it.And i doubt Apple will listen, unless you write a letter explaining why.Apple used to shoulder ( get inspired ) itself with most of the now defunct european car makers ( who went kaput, because they betrayed their core ). That is why i cannot see them bowing to the ´new normal´.
 Here in Portugal, that is the mentality, the Microsoft way of doing things is the dogma.Now, Microsoft here is replaced by Samsung.
 Please.Put it to rest already. Go buy a junk phone instead ( As apple puts it ). Apple is giving you that chance.Study hard, so you can do what you really want, not only to buy an iPhone. Now, please, spare us this bigger screen thing, untill Apple actually does it  ( which i doubt ). Why go to a stadium if you can sit at home and watch a concert on youTube?- Not much fun, sitting on the couch. I´ll never do it, i do not like crowds.
New Posts  All Forums: