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  In a Democracy, people deserve the politicians they have.       Reverse engineering is easy.Even with the Microsoft lost relevance, people in the Biz field and tech journalists still see Microsoft biz strategy as the best way of doing biz. It is strange.
 They repeat what some tech journalists say.People still give more credit to those same journalists who get things wrong almost all the time, than Apple, which has more to lose in lying.Not their fault.
Funny how the gossip news corporation huffingtonPost ignored this and post a fake news about the iPhone 5C.
 Indeed.Funny, a supposedly rumor/fanboy site doing better tech journalism than the mainstream newsCorporation.Look at the mess The BBC and CNN are drown in.
 With all due reapect.It is just stupid to see screen size as innovation.Let just STOP with it already.
 No wonder you are relatively new here.Why they killed the iPhone 5?  With any new product, the last one get lower price, the 5c fills the void. I wonder, WHY the obtuseness?
 So, a Google boss said a moronic thing and you fall for it?Do not forget, you need at least one of your hands to put that thing on your face. Does that action makes you a moron?AH!
 No need to be frustrated.There are HUGE possibilities out there.Unless you have someting against Android.
 Google earns money from publicity.Publcity stunts is on Google´s blood, i am sure Google knows as much as Apple thjat it does not worth it physicaly as a product.I wonder if The BBC, The Guardian or The HuffingtonPost will post this.
  Indeed!And i suspect it is just a hoax.
New Posts  All Forums: