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I guess this will not appear at Huffington Post, BBC or Guardian.           Ignorant rant. It was a government bill that build the USA middle class. The The GI Bill, paid by tax payers.   Ireland and Netherlands do have HUGE private debt and running wild deficit, along with a safe heaven for corporations.   How many jobs did the big Pharmaceutic and tech companies created in Ireland?
What is weird, Apple is the embodiment of what should be free/fair trade. How? Apple has an infinite number of competitors ( i have been writing about this here, for years ), unlike Microsoft and Google. Microsoft and Google are in bed with those infinitre Apple`s competitors. Even so, Apple`s biz strategy is look at as doomed to fail, an aberation of sort. It should be look at as something to be prized. Because it empowers creativity. Microsoft and Google strategy is...
    I doubt you voted Obama. And since when his 2008 opponent voiced opposition to said surveillance?
    In a country where political dogmas are more important than facts? It is hard to achieve that balance.
 They want you in your sofa.No?
 Really?How much you was paid?
I wonder if The BBC and The Guardian will publish this.
    Strange how people often ignore this.
How many versions of Android phones are out there?
Blame Apple!   People generally are greedy, and often blame others for their misfortunes.
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