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News like this makes me even more paranoid about the seriousness of the mainstrean news organizations, with these particular examples: The HuffingtonPost, The Guardian and the BBC. Those three ignore any information that points against their talking points - Apple Is Dead Already.
Just in time. I was expecting %u2026
If it is within 300 €, i’ll have a cell phone in almost 10 years.
    Wise words.   It is strange how those who call Apple - a design-whore mostly, meaning it is all about design (  keep in mind, those people DO not know what design means. They often think it is scribbling, ence the rounded-corner patent tirade  ), are the same crying desolation when Apple keeps its consistency design-wise.
    I know nothing, i know. I just think there is something fishy about this smart watch thing.   You see the next iPhone everywhere, but the iWatch is nowhere.
    I do not have a phone. My iPod fits in my pocket quite well. If there is anything, it will not be a watch, in my ignorant opinion. You may have to wear it, tho.
Oh, Please! STOP this nonsense.  I doubt people will care for this thing.
    Looks like people at Apple do not care about your issues. Why are you bothering, just switch to android or Windows, or are you SM?   Now, can you add anything about the said patent?
    Funny! Not the last paragraph, tho. … They just Think Different.   Again, i am sure, The Guardian, The BBC and The HuffingtonPost will ignore this.
    Patents are NOT dead ends. Each patent is just a way among zillions of doing A thing.  It is the ’’market’’ that decides which is The Best, which is The Cheapest.   There are always plenty of ways of doing anything. The patent system was the basis of the Industrial revolution, without it no one would have invested on ideas, and those with big money would have always won.   To patent an idea is one thing, buying patents to blackmail people is another thing.
New Posts  All Forums: