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  Oh, i know irony, i think. Should i write thought?
    Yeah, like deep pocket corporations battle in court makes you sour.
    That is nonsense. If Apple takes to court, which is impartial btw, a small company that steals its IP, it will be the case.   Samsung and others Android/Windows Cartel members are NOT small players.
It is humane. A group of courageous people, making, using technology. It is beautiful. It is wonderful when you do what you like and it enriches others.
    I think you should thank him/her. He/she was polite and right.
    Nonsense! …  lot of his success had to do with luck and timing …  Therefore, Einstein's job was to think about time and space
    OK. i guess you win.
  Indeed! It is very Orwellian.
    AH, AH!   More than the USA Congress? I doubt.
    Art f**ing haters! Just look at current HollyWood.  In the end art is the only window to the soul of any society / civilization.
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