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    Really?   When did Apple get complacent and as result got behind?
    You are funny.
    Indeed! The new Apple CEO seems too polite. No wonder crooks are after him.
    Not the same. SJ is no longer.
    Indeed! Giving owrselfs is already selfish ( you work hard for yr loved one to reach climax in bed, and it is to make you look great at her eyes, and for her not to dump you. It is selfish. NO?, But at least you gave yourself ), to trumpet it is shameful, at least.
    That is not a bad thing. Is it? And it is not selfish.
    But to give is a very personal thing. You give because you want to, not because you want people to look at you as a hero. Why super heroes use mask_?   It could be the same thing. You should do it because it needs to be done, not because of how it will make you feel. You give because it makes you gain some space/time from the monkey on yr back. No?
  Is humble a state of mind or a way of being_? Wasn´t the giver by giving thanking those who believed in him_?
Giving is rewarding ourselves, taking is punishing others. Giving while blowing a horn could be humilhating, to those in need.     Giving is also beliving in those in need. Apple was created because someone believed in the duo. So they were able to afford the needed money.     Clearly Mr. Jobs maight have actually liked the image of bad ass his detractors pinned on him.
    Why did the USA invade the Philipines, Mexico and helped dictatorial regimes  all over the world. To derail Communism you will say, doh. But also to Help its oil companies ( mainly ).   So the USA has a long track of helping its big corporations, and still does. Apple is taken to court, the court will decide, NOT the USA government, doh.   And Apple can even win in the end. AH, AH!
New Posts  All Forums: