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 Why Italy?Berlusconi was kicked down.
 You are mean.
 Why would they?Those who elect them care even less. I blame journalists, who prefer to be cowards.
 No.You know nothing about communist.Communism has no trade/economic system, communism should be compared with religious/Feudal systems, where the party is the feudal master.Couldn't this be the working of lobbying?
So, you still think that Obama's men are not in the Amazon's pocket? Amazon needs not to pay them, just convince them that their strategy is the best for the middle class. Nowadays German firms go for high quality, in the USA cheap is cherrished.
I am still with the old one. … And yes! The iWork suite apps. are slow.
  AH! AH!
Ship them to poor countries, like mine, Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. It will give them Good Publicity. The Guardian ( the new Samsung Rumor site ) and The BBC will use it to bash Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: