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 They want you in your sofa.No?
 Really?How much you was paid?
I wonder if The BBC and The Guardian will publish this.
    Strange how people often ignore this.
How many versions of Android phones are out there?
Blame Apple!   People generally are greedy, and often blame others for their misfortunes.
  Oh, i know irony, i think. Should i write thought?
    Yeah, like deep pocket corporations battle in court makes you sour.
    That is nonsense. If Apple takes to court, which is impartial btw, a small company that steals its IP, it will be the case.   Samsung and others Android/Windows Cartel members are NOT small players.
It is humane. A group of courageous people, making, using technology. It is beautiful. It is wonderful when you do what you like and it enriches others.
New Posts  All Forums: