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  : Indeed!: Context, context. : Are you lost or what?
  : Funny guy, context is everything. What do you get when you click on Third World Health Care - Knoxville, Tennessee Edition?
  Really?Don’t you know what an hyperLink is?
 WHY? You should say that to Aasif Mandvi  ( Third World Health Care - Knoxville, Tennessee Edition )
  Right Wing’s Rubbish.    That was irony!I did throw facts at you.Plans that required Millions to resolve HUGE problems. Why Banks lend ( throw ) money?  
  When did money was throw at anyone? It was the Marshal plan that rebuild Europe after the Big war.The USA Education BILL  after the Big War created its massive Middle class ( Do not forget the USA used to be the most socialist country, it even was the first one to tax the wealth ).It was the USA federal government that saved Florida from it’s housing crash, a fiscal consolidation that the EU lacks, hence its economic crisis lingers. Were those plans money thrown, or just...
  Perhaps IF both you and me were part of the 1%, we would behave the same as they do.No? In any trade, when forces are unbalanced, guess who will win? You get a monopoly.Greed and illusion of superiority is a human thing.
 That is what i said.  Apple is being used for political gain, Brussels is not interested in fixing the holes.Who finance their parties?
Brussels%u2019 suits. You allow tax heavens and then cry wolf? Right!
Sweet!   This is the revenge of aqua. I love the new UI, even the new folder’s icon.
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