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Downloading, downloading … Another Cat, another cat.
    : Indeed!
    Please, lets be grown up here. Apple has the right to protect its creations. It´s easy to create, Just DO your work. Microsoft is doing it. Why Samsung wouldNOT?
    Yeah!   For people who survive copying others it is a Waste indeed. For those whose survival is dependent on their creativity IT is vital!
Not much money for all the trouble. Isn´t it?
I still do not have a phone. Do not need one yet. My boss is not happy, but Hell with him.   I´ll buy myself an iPhone when i feel ready!
    I still fail to see the Germany hands all over it!
    AH! Women ARE smarter than men for them to be aroused by an ignorant like me!   It is frivolous to put side to side two different cars both sporting the same engine and call them different at core. One thing is to be against patent, one thing IS to dismiss Apple right to defend/reenforce its fragile stance against cartels who fight to kill it - meaning windows and Android vendors, firms that do not NO research & development, they just sell the OS that Google and...
    Get at look at European Patent Convention. Was it dictated by Germany?   BTW remember how France reacted to a possible breach of security regarding Renault greenEnergy patents?  Countries that actually thrive on creativity like Germany are very serious regarding IP.
    again you do not know WHAT you are talking about.   Lets look at USA for example. How rich states like New York can co-exist in a Federation with a poorer state like Mississippi? Like how The housing crisis in Florida was resolves compared with What is happening to spain and Italy in Europe? By the way German firms endUp buying the primary work creators of those two countries, isn´t that telling?   --- Ferrari and Lamborghini are now German owned as is Seat.    Back...
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