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Those are ˝personal˝ computers not NASA ones certainly, a government agency buying Macs, NO WAY!
    To bother to register in a site like that makes you WHAT? - - A Doctor ?   I wrote about phony IT technicians who receive commissions in order to sell certain machines on this site, and was warned of possible BAN, now people insult me Because i like the way Apple do biz and that is OK.
When Chinese car companies copy European cars and stick their logo in it, everyone in the West cries CopyCat. When Samsung copy Apple and stick its logo in it, everyone in the West who despise/cannot afford Apple´s products cries NO Copycat.
    Indeed. A thing Apple always said is against their view of the future - a physical keyboard for the iPad. I never understand WHY people who buy Apple product are called fanBoys ( if what they buy is almost always better comparatively with what the concurrence sell, or perhaps those who buys from Apple always make a conscience effort contrary to those who choose to buy from others.  ) ?
  Apple obviously tried that before, anyOne with a brain would have though that. Apple just did not implement it. As this patent proves. Discussion on this is just futile.
  Yeah!   It is so obvious that Apple explored many potentials before arriving at the announced iPad. People are just SO stupid not to figure it out, even from a company that - as Jobs put it - get rid of the unNecessary stuff ( which now wisely they patent ). When i saw the Microsoft surface keyboard i though Apple did that already, it is so obvious. The end design is always a result of various failures, and hardly the 3rd or 4th take.
    Does it matter. Corporates do not wash their clothes for ˝us˝ to see.
    No wonder he is from UK. UK no longer produce durable anything.   UK used to make the coolest and fastest cars and machinery, now all they want is cheap-cheap. Really, really SAD.
    No, you are not whatEver, your justification just did not make it.   I still have NO cellPhone, imagine how my boss get pissed at me because of it. I just do not need one, yet. If i am not at work, i am at home, no need for a cellPhone. Yet!
New Posts  All Forums: