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    Does it matter. Corporates do not wash their clothes for ˝us˝ to see.
    No wonder he is from UK. UK no longer produce durable anything.   UK used to make the coolest and fastest cars and machinery, now all they want is cheap-cheap. Really, really SAD.
    No, you are not whatEver, your justification just did not make it.   I still have NO cellPhone, imagine how my boss get pissed at me because of it. I just do not need one, yet. If i am not at work, i am at home, no need for a cellPhone. Yet!
  Indeed! At least i am fatter than him.
    Just wow.   So, as long Steve was at Apple you´d have bought anything! And you call people fanbois.   What i love about Apple is that they need almost none of your approval for what they do.   But what is the point of discussing taste/suppositions? Isn´t there soap operas on TV for you to wash yr time with?
  Really!   Porsche makes work of art. Do i need to have a Picasso in order to recognize his genius and multitude of influences ( nevertheless he maintained his own ˝voice˝ )? : Looks like you are not only an island ( Apple and people who love ART are not ) but also an ostrich.
    Consistency it IS what is called. Look at Porsche, is there a need to screw that?     Remember how Apple often look at European car manufacturers for influence? Less sophisticate people hate apple for its consistent approach to design.
    That is really ignorant to write of even think of.   Apple is conservative with its design. Look how the MacBook/Mac Pro design changed overTime? That is consistency. Stupid people accuse Apple of being all about Design, they think design is all about the look, even if Apple design are the most consistent that there is.   DeSign is the result from drawing and engineering.     It is better to LOVE than to hate. Anytime!
  I heard the same from a Documentary on Discovery channel or NG.
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