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  Perhaps. Yeah , i underst you, but …   Is it different from the nonsensical-arousal stretching to insult we all read here? - fanboi, isheep, etc, etc - my c*ck ( put PC, Mac, iOS, Android ) is bigger than yours?   Is it any different from those absurd parliamentary/Congress debates? I think NOT.
  Is that politics?   What is politics?   From my Dictionary.app 1 • the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power - NO! - It is not, they discuss policies, NOT politics. 2 •  activities aimed at improving someone's status or increasing power within an organization - More like it! - What we do here, no?
  The rightWing politicians/Supporters are ALL crazy these days, they just love the Communist Chinese party shenanigans while they call Obama ( which is a centerRight politician at best ) socialist . If their GOD ( R. Reagan ) resurrect today they will kill him asap. 
    He ( she? ) was being sarcastic.
Funny, for years PC manufactures made money out of poor working conditions in Asia, noOne went after them. Now that conditions are getting better and Chinese workers are even thinking of unions?   Give me a break!
    I do not watch TV anymore.   I search torrent sites ( i am not a criminal! unlike Samsung. ) for old movies,  some rare to find African movies, Japanese dramas, European thrash and dramas and horror, new Asian movie ( from South Korea comes the BEST, wonder WHY Samsung does nopt look around its backyard, so much talent, instead of copying Apple and others ) to watch on weekends on my iMac.
    With the buy-cheap-to-have-ALL mentality of the new Westerners you may be right. Even those who opposed the selling of Chinese photocopied cars are defending Samsung. Using the same lame square argument. I just hope one of these people copy any of Gibson trademarked shape guitar, you´ll know what is trouble. 
  It is easy, but takes time, it took Apple almost a decade. No?   Some lazy Chinese car companies are doing the same, copying European and USA cars with NO shame. They know that in the West most people GO crazy for anything cheap.
    Is there any agency in the world MOST important than NASA ( if you compare its contribution to science and the everyday life ) ? Complaining about the money NASA receives and making a blind eye to the USA huge military in a world where military force NO longer makes any serious punch is almost a crime.   People forget that most discoveries are accidental, and without an agency like NASA where would you find reasons for swimming into the unknown?
  Yeah, i miss that. Here in Portugal the government gives everything to Microsoft, you even need a Windows OS to declare your taxes.
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