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 That is what i said.  Apple is being used for political gain, Brussels is not interested in fixing the holes.Who finance their parties?
Brussels%u2019 suits. You allow tax heavens and then cry wolf? Right!
Sweet!   This is the revenge of aqua. I love the new UI, even the new folder’s icon.
Nice. Now they can spend more.
  Sane words.
 Mines are used by the militia/military, civilians can only guess, but only after some casualties.  Imagine the fear/lost of lives, innocent ones, regardless of one’s academic degree.I think - awareness exhibit -  is very clear.
I am Shock! Someone at HuffingtonPost is really upset.
  Well, her/she meant this - https://vimeo.com/88907392 - Apple’s Former Marketing Chief - Allison Johnson​And you’ll know why most people do not get Mr. Jobs. Any word’s meaning is not always constant.
  Perhaps there is a correlation.Perhaps some people do care/perceive what Apple tries to do.
Feeeding a troll. Bad move.   But i do understand Mr Cook. To many bad myth regarding Apple out there, because Jobs used to ignore stupid (shortSighted) people.
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