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 Mines are used by the militia/military, civilians can only guess, but only after some casualties.  Imagine the fear/lost of lives, innocent ones, regardless of one’s academic degree.I think - awareness exhibit -  is very clear.
I am Shock! Someone at HuffingtonPost is really upset.
  Well, her/she meant this - https://vimeo.com/88907392 - Apple’s Former Marketing Chief - Allison Johnson​And you’ll know why most people do not get Mr. Jobs. Any word’s meaning is not always constant.
  Perhaps there is a correlation.Perhaps some people do care/perceive what Apple tries to do.
Feeeding a troll. Bad move.   But i do understand Mr Cook. To many bad myth regarding Apple out there, because Jobs used to ignore stupid (shortSighted) people.
 naughty thought.
Everyone is hard at work to make me lose weight. Thank you, buggers.
  That is indeed. Free means - it should have no string attached.
  And The BBC, The Guardian online to ignore it.
Why people still give these people any credit? Because they are rich? And the BBC is off, very off on this. I wonder if it is a vendetta or just pure stupidity.
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