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No, Microsoft.
: Ah, Ah!
that video. Isn't that engineering's porn?
Thank you very much!
Hi, can anyone suggest a FREE or cheap Mac ( from Google i managed only to find windows ones and some Mac compatible source code only ) software for learning corpus and concordances, it is for my wife. Thank you!
BBC and EuroNews are the most anti Apple in Europe.
It would have been ordinary if she put on a LA Laker's jersey instead?Fanboy?Is there anything evil in yelling that you Love yr wife, yr car, yr football team, or yeah yr apple product?It is far weird to love a thing you cannot hold or screw! Like a football team.
: Fair!
Bull!Any civil-servant should be held accountable by the people. Any government is for the people.Nothing leaked do harm USA or anyone but liars, but nobody cares anyway.Where is tea-party when you need them?Bad Apple, bad!!!If those papers were Iran's "secrets" it would have been heroic.OH, hypocrisy!
Well, no wonder USA is broke. Germany also taxes big wealth, imagine that in the USA?: No way!
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