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No, you are forgetting the engineers!Engineers do build things, construction workers just hit the nails and glue things.Construction workers do what you do after buying a Mac, you just plug things.Plugging is not erecting.
\: Isn't strategic line the line joining strategic points.: Oh, Google is here to save the planet from !: Who gonna save us from Google?: Who cares, I do not want to be saved. I am already free.
Please let stop this nonsense! Isn't designing itself building? Design doesn't account engineering? Can you erect a thing without engineering? Isn't designing itself erecting? Truth is Apple is one company competing with software and engineering companies. Give them some credit. In the USA  is practically the only one revenant engineering company, USA automobile companies cannot compete with Asian and European companies.
\: So only  zealots buy iOS devices?: How many iOS devices  can put alongside an Android one?Android is everywhere!IOS devices are not.
 is doomed! Indeed!
You did not understand what i wrote.If we are discussing competition and innovation, which we are, bringing Zune and Bing as victims of Ping is pointless. Zune was created to catch up with iPod, which is a Microsoft's Right and of those who flag Microsoft's flag.In the end who sell more and who sell less depends on the choice of the buyers.That was my point, which renders the discussion pointless.I think Mac OSX is superior to Windows 7, many people, if not the majority,...
Apple relies only on its own creativity. It cannot otherwise fronts the media darling Microsoft and free advertising that Google and other giants enjoy from the majority of journalists. Look at the shameful BBC piece on the Samsung tablet against iPad. How many iPad killer was announced already? Apple should be praised for standing alone, not vilified. But i guess people love hegemony ( like Apple cannot put an iPhone alongside any Droid phone or Windows phone ).
: What misconceptions?That Ping PING is obviously Apple's retort to the Zune platform's (long-standing) social networking integration as DaHarder put it? C'mon?! It is al about choice, free will.
: So? You like it don't you? Many people here do not.: Why that bothers you? My wife is not the richest woman in the world, but i chose her, go figure why she pick me, understand what i mean?
: Please! That is nonsense!Zune started social networking. What a joke!If it is as you say, isn't Zune itself a retort to iPod, and Windows a repay to Mac ( you started it, see ? )?
New Posts  All Forums: