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Thank you!
No, because they did not figure how to make it work the way they want, picky as they are, Apple designers of course. Of course the competition think designing is not a synergy between form & function but adding accessory.: Boy, Do they facilitate  work!: He (certainly!) was joking!
Why not kill the carriers? I am waiting.
You do not live in Europe certainly! Sony is bigger that Microsoft and Apple together in Europe.
I heard people say that Industrial Revolution was made by the use of patents, Now you are saying it is against creativity (hardly in electronics, maybe in the pharm. industry)? If Apple patented Mac back them, i am sure Microsoft would have made windows better!
 can trash Nokia easily in innovation ( Nokia should have been doing what  is doing,  aesthetic is very North-european & Japanese. )! But i guess that will not suffice (not a perfect world)?
\: ? Why excuse that stupid statement?: Isn't stupid of Microsoft to bully the iPad?: Envy of Apple success/uniqueness.
I believe saving money could be relative, depending on the variables.For example WHY you buy a Mac, if for any Mac there is a cheeper Window PC.
A rule is a rule, Steve.And thankfully you are not a "Star".Pirates do not use sneakers.He is a ninja!
He wrote that  is sooo non important because  is tiny.But  success annoys him/her. Which is a contradiction in itself.In the end what we are discussing here?Is it  business model or that  should die and that hegemony is supreme (software licensing by Google and Microsoft)?
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