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  And The BBC, The Guardian online to ignore it.
Why people still give these people any credit? Because they are rich? And the BBC is off, very off on this. I wonder if it is a vendetta or just pure stupidity.
  I heard the same argument on the Radio, a few minutes ago, here in Portugal.I did not hear a Samsung ad, tho.
Mine as well, and i bought it because i fall in love. And i have never heard of Apple before. I still have it, it runs Maya 6 flawlessly, which my then PC could´n do. I will take it out of the box this week end, and use Maya again.   The most beautiful computer ever!     I am working, i did the survey on a Windows PC. Surely many people did the same.
 Indeed!It is all very intrusively freaky, the future of advertising.But it could have some medical usefulness.
The emerging middle class world wide would like things to differentiate themselves from the populace. Apple offers an almost singular perspective/experience on its fields of expertise. So why would not those friendly experiencers enjoy the moment? What electronics provides in abundance is information, people consume information voraciously. Seems obvious.
The same media which always played down anything Apple dared to release? Please.
  wise, wise words.It is necessity that drives innovation.
??? … Analysts are almost unanimous in their belief that the iPhone 6 will come with a larger screen, …??? Analysts are afraid of accepting their ignorance. Which is very very very Bad. Go ahead anal ysts - say it : --- We were wrong. And NO, not like a broken watch.
  I am sure the USA is a lovely Democracy, is that WHAT you meant?As long you are not in Gitmo., or … forgot the thousands killed in the Philippines, Mexico, Iraq, Vietnam, Drone collateral, Chilean dictatorial regime victims, …Should i continue? Yes, Turkey leaders did perpetrate barbarian acts in the past, so did the Japanese, the USA, Europeans, etc… Santa ignorance.
New Posts  All Forums: