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It is strange … While some European and Asians countries gear themselves with the best there are out there, the USA government is searching for the cheapest available, and even Flouts Its Own Advice in Procuring Overseas Clothing ( from The NYTimes ).
I want this one. Can you buy me one? Anyone?   Funny, I gave only 500$ less for my current iMac, but right now i cannot afford it.
While Mr. Balmer was wondering - How Can I MaKe Money? What will happen if SamScum ( yeah!!! ) stops using the android kernel ( i doubt it )?
Impressive.   But Apple success in Japan is not so a surprise.   Apple marries perfectly the Northern European and Japanese aesthetics. 
Yeah, he should have sided with the West, watching his people and land get raped. It is BEST to side yourself with the powerful guys and gals.That is What cowards DO! And please DO not compare Gandhi’s style with that of Mandela’s.Indians were used by the Great Britain imperialists as a front end of the Empire in Africa, Africans did not have the same luck. Did the Apartheid regime have a choice NOT to butcher Africans, ANC activists and its sympathizers?Mandela actions...
NO, he had to.He was obliged to, obliged by the West terrorists, those who protected the criminal and holocaust driven regime which was apartheid.ANC was a party, a political party first, it had to pick up arms because its intellectuals were killed unarmed, tortured with Thatcher and Reagan back up. Wow.Did you learn history in a tea party basement? Mandela was a communist, ignorants rant on this post.Does he had any choice not to be?Who backed Africans in their fight...
 Nope. The USA, The Vatican, The West, all started over various despicable act of violence.Violence with an objective end, to end violence, depending on the case. Bin Laden violence is to achieve what?Comparing bin Laden to Mandela, then the West violent past ( including the various holocaust it caused in the southern hemisphere ) should be put in the same level as Bin Laden’s. Bloody nonsense it is the same.
  Is that yr point?Are we in kindergarden? Why did he kill?Do you ever thought about that? Surely yr opinion worth more than anyone’s!
 Thatcher was a coward who stood only for the Rich and powerful.Margaret Thatcher was barbaric and a terror says Morrissey She did NOT tear down the european communist regime, the regime imploded.So Communist regimes killed more than the West’s imperialism?Get out of your cave.
  You Lie!Bin Laden was a byproduct of the West imperialism, wasn’t he?
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