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Apple = Class act.
  Appropriate to whom? Both want to sell you things, right?So Google wins.Google = GoogleSiri = A long way, for the majority to single out Apple.
  Since when is this about Obama?Isn’t the article about iPhone’s security, or the iPhone’s perceived security or lack to it?
  Please use yr brain!That is STUPID!
 Yes.iPhone users are people with better bank account, and they surpass ( in ’’buying’’ power ) the amount of people with Android phones, both with so called smart phones and the not smart ones? Impressive!And it also shows how the USA economy is f**ed up.
That is freaking impressive. But is it true? I mean most of Android phones are not ’’clever’ phones, i doubt people buy more ’’clever’’ phones than the plain ones.
  Not their tech, Apple implemented its version ( Apple tech is based on fingerPrint tech, if i am not mistaken ).Microsoft did write its version of the PrimeSense technology in the latest XBox.
  Google makes money with yr web activities, No Such Agency was build is supported by politicians that can be get-rid-of.
  Irony? Could only be. For those who did not get it:  
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